GL's Friends Gift Guide: Exactly what to get your besties for under $20


With Christmas music beginning to flood your brain, it’s time to start planning your holiday gifts. When it comes to your BFFs, you want to make sure you get them something they love and that fits their personality. If you don’t have the time or patience to DIY all your gifts, we’ve got your back with our $20-and-under BFF Gift Guide!


  • 1_socks.png

    The holiday lover

    You know that friend who puts her Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween? This one is for her.

    Reindeer Slippers Socks, $11, 

  • 2_phonecase.png

    The cat-obsessed 

    Let’s be real, who doesn’t love cats? Help your gal pal accessorize her favorite accessory (her phone) with this cat-tastic phone cover.

    Holidays Life’s Better in a Sweater Cover for iPhone 5c, $9,

  • 3_beautyqueen.png

    The beauty queen

    If you have a friend who is always searching YouTube for the latest makeup trends, this is the perfect gift. At only $20, you are definitely getting some bang for your buck.

    Beauty Treasures 70pc Blockbuster, $20,

  • 4_eos.png

    The beach babe

    What do you get a friend who daydreams about long days at the ocean? Give her a taste of summer with this adorable lip balm set.

    A Ray of Holiday Sunshine Rachel Roy 3 pk, $8,

  • 5_bathandbodyworks.png

    The girly girl

    Give your doll the gift of soft skin and a yummy scent. There are a ton of different flavors to make sure you get the perfect present for your bestie.

    Vanilla Bean Noal Set, $13,

  • 6_harrystyles.png

    The fan girl

    Four words: Harry Styles Photo-Biography. That is all.

    Harry Styles Photo Biography, $15,

  • 7_mustachestraws.png

    The prankster

    Give your BFF the last laugh with these hilarious moustache straws. They’ll add a fun vibe to any holiday get together, and make a glorious Secret Santa gift.

    Stache Straws, $8,


by Kayla Anderson | 2/1/2016