Adorable umbrellas to keep you stylishly dry



You just left the house for the bus stop two blocks away and now it's about to storm. You pull out your old umbrella, the wind is blowing and well it just doesn't want to stay up––ugh! Time for a new one. But don't worry––not all umbrellas are created alike, so we've found eight chic and colorful ones that'll do what they are supposed to do: keep you and that presh cargo (AKA your final project) dry. Check out our faves below to find your new stylish and dependable cover. 


1. Polka Dot Umbrella, $20,

2. Sunflower Umbrella, $18,  

3. Keyboard Umbrella with Musical Notes, $17, 

4. Duck, Duck, Umbrella in Yellow, $18,

5. Green Leaf Transparent Umbrella, $26,

6. Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella, $17, 

7. Frilled Heart Shaped Umbrella, $30,

8. Bretton Stripe Super Slim Umbrella $23, 



by Jossie Carbonare & Juhee Hong | 2/1/2016