Need some style inspo? Check out these teen fashion bloggers

Feel like you’ve gotten lazy when it comes to your personal style? Have no fear! Ahead, some fab fashion bloggers who prove that no matter how young you are, you can influence those around you and rock your look with confidence!  

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    Tolly Dolly Posh

    Why you should check her out: Tolmeia’s blog is all about making fashion whimsical and fun and showcasing her totally mod 1960s-meets-flower-child-chic style. Bonus: She plans on designing her own collections in the future! We would totally get in line for that.

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    Callie’s Street Chic

    Why you should check her out: Callie is not only a super well-known blogger, she’s a dancer, print model and a D.J. who has opened for Ed Sheeren, Austin Mahone and many others.

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    Ditzy and Whimsy

    Why you should check her out: Hollie’s style is all about rocking pieces that are cute n’ quirky with a touch of hipster-chic. Her amazing vintage collection shows how you can combine the new with the old to form a totally unique style.

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    Lazy Obsession

    Why you should check her out: Nasreen prides herself in being a “not in the spotlight” type of girl, but loves everything about fashion and photography. She not only shares her outfits, but little bits and pieces of her life so her readers can really feel like her BFFs. 

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    Teenage Beauty Blogger


    Why you should check her out: Mia’s blog combines two of her fave things: beauty and fashion. Whether you wanna know about new beauty products or the latest trends on the runway, Mia’s got the 411.


by Abigail Kullberg | 2/1/2016