Become a walking garden with these adorable necklaces


If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll love nothing more than these awesome pieces of jewelry. Living necklaces have tiny plants like succulents or cacti that can last anywhere from weeks to months, all while looking so cute! Read on to see all the different possibilities for necklaces with living plants—then tell us your faves in the comments.

1. Terrarium Necklace

Photo credit: Wear It Mini Plants

This is the most basic kind of living jewelry. It has watering holes at the bottom, so just dip it into water from time to time and you’ll have a plant that lives and grows in your necklace for months. If you get attached to it, you can even take it out and plant it once it starts to get too big for the container. Buy this one here for just $9.

2. Moss Vial

Photo credit: LoveNLavish

A really low-maintenance plant, moss adds a touch of green and makes for a cool earthy necklace. Just give it some air once every few months and you’re good to go! Find some vials here.

3. Wearable Planter

Photo credit: Wearable Planter

If you want more control over what plants you’re wearing, consider buying a wearable planter necklace. These are just miniature pots in which you can actually plant a tiny flower or succulent. You’ll have to take care of them just like any other plant, but this is a garden you can carry around with you wherever you go. Look for some planters and advice here.

4. Air Plants

Photo credit: Kambra

Air plants are a special kind of plant, Tillandsia, that don't need soil. Just give them the right amount of water and light, and they will continue to bloom—they're super easy to care for. Check some out here.

5. Designer Succulents

Photo credit: PassionflowerMade

Finally, for a really special event, floral designer Susan McLeary sells gorgeous jewelry and crowns with live succulents. These only last a few weeks—and they're seriously pricey—but they’re the top of the line in living jewelry. Her work can be purchased (or just admired) here.

What do you think, GL readers? Would you wear a living plant necklace?


by Kjerstin Burdiek | 5/6/2016