Your every kind of first date fashion guide

It’s your first with your crush and you’re totally freaking out about what to wear. There's so many things to consider: where you're going, what you're doing, what the weather is - UGH! Fret not, babes, GL is here to show you exactly how to dress for the perfect first date. 

Dinner Date

Dinner dates are a great way to chat and to get to know your crush more. Slip into a shift dress that will be comfortable to sit in but can also be dressed up with heels, or down with a denim jacket, depending the restaurant. 

Here’s a perfect example from Tobi


At The Movies

Seeing a movie is a simple yet fun first date, but sitting in one place for two and a half hours can really limit your options in terms of wardrobe. For a date like this wear some soft jogger pants with a tucked in tank or tee. Comfy and cute! 

We love this pair from Lulus:


The Great Outdoors

You and your date love to be outside, so your day will either consist of kayaking or a hike around the lake. You want to look good but also want to be prepared for the sun. When you’ve got an outdoor date on the books, go with an open backed active top, colorful sports bra, and a pair of cropped leggings. You’ll be prepared for any activity while showing off your style. 

Forever 21's got you covered with this top:  


Group Date

Groups date’s can be hard to dress for - you don’t want to stick out but you definitely don’t want to be forgotten. Enter: your favorite romper. Rompers are a great way to show off your unique fashion sense while keeping it simple. 

We love this denim one from Lulu's:


Summer Concert

You and your crush LOVE the same music. But what do you wear to the concert of your dreams?! Printed flowy shorts are easy to throw on and will keep you comfortable all night long. Pair it with a lace up tee to perfect the look. 

Here's one to get you started from Lulu's:


What's your go-to first date outfit? 

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by Sarah Fritz | 7/6/2016