6 ways to upgrade your school uniform style

Having a school uniform can be both a blessing and a curse. You don’t have the “OMG, what do I wear!” panic every morning because your outfit is already picked out for you, but you also don’t get to show off your cute clothes because you’re wearing the Same. Thing. Every. Day. While some schools are *super* strict about what you can and can’t pair your uniform with, other schools give you a little bit of freedom to express yourself. If you’re one of these lucky gals, try these tricks to help you stand out in your uniform!

Most schools require you to pair closed-toed shoes with your uniform, which can be a major bummer if you’re trying to keep your summer vibes going! If you’re trying to stay trendy and summery, try a fun pair of espadrilles. Flat booties work for any time of the year, and look super-polished. For lazy days, pair your uni with a bold pair of sneaks for a comfy look. 

If you aren’t allowed to get crazy with the shoes, try pairing a funky pair of socks for a pop of color. You can grab packs of fun socks for seriously cheap, so you’ll have tons of pairs to play around with! Knee-high socks look awesome with a pair of riding boots for when the weather turns chilly.

Jewelry can be a fun and inexpensive way to mix up your look. Add your fave pair of earrings or your signature necklace to make your uniform shine. You could even gather your girls and have a DIY jewelry party to craft your own beads for a new twist on the classic friendship bracelet!

Jackets or Sweaters
While it still may be a little too warm to toss on another layer, jackets or sweaters are great ways to add your own flair to your uniform once the weather turns. If you’re allowed to wear any layers that you’d like, try finding a cozy cardi in a color that matches your uniform. Personalize a denim jacket with patches or buttons, or try a trendy military-inspired jacket.

You have to admit, Blair's headband + messy bun combo is the perfect finshing touch for her uniform! Pinterest is your BFF for learning some seriously pretty hair trends. Try some cool braids to keep your hair out of your face for Chem lab, or an Ariana-inspired big ponytail for a day when you’re feeling a little lazy. Snag some cool hair accessories like bandannas or headbands to add some flair. 

Stand apart from everyone and their basic backpacks! There are tons of fab *and* functional bags out there. Try a fun patterned pack to brighten up a bland uni, or grab a chic tote that you’ll get major use of even when school’s not in session.

Do you wear a school uniform? How do you accessorize it? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.

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by Maddie McGee | 8/24/2018