7 ways to rock the hoop earring trend

No, we’re not talking basketball hoops. We’re talking about one of the hottest accessory trends that has graced the ears of a number of our style crushes over the past few months. With everything coming up 90s lately, it's no surprise that this accessory has made a comeback. They may seem a bit daunting to pull off, but we’ve got major inspo on how you too can rock hoops this school year. 

1. Sweet & Simple
Before you jump into the big leagues, try out a pair like this simple medium-sized look model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is rocking. They’re thicker than the standard hoop, which will add a bit more class and sophisticatication to your look.

2. Wildcard
When you typically think of hoops, you imagine something circular and pretty basic, right? This pair right here completely obliterates the idea that hoops have to be boring. It’s like an art piece for your ear, and we’re in love!

3. Extra bold
This pair on Kendall Jenner is not for the faint of heart. Since they’re not technically circular hoops, we should we call them something else (squares? diamonds?)…Either way, if you’re looking to make a major statement at homecoming or are feeling a little more extra on a random Tuesday, an oversized pair of crystal-encrusted earrings will definitely do the trick.

4. Pom pom power
Looking for a pop of color? These funky earrings with pom pom embellishments will instantly liven up any outfit. We’re feeling that summer nostalgia already. 

5. Heart shaped
Wear your heart on your sleeve *and* on your ears.

7. Classic 90s
The door knocker-inspired hoops on Yara are a 90s staple. We have female hip hop artists like Salt N’ Pepa to thank for this trend!

7. The Original
Sometimes less really is more—but not here. You can never go wrong with this timeless pair styled on model Jourdan Dunn. From the red carpet to fourth period or the football game to a first date, sometimes a thin, gold hoop is just what you need to finish your look.

What's your favorite type of earring? How will you rock hoops? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Instagram/emrata, Instagram/yarashahidi, lyst, Informasikita, A Style Album, Ali Express, Getty Images


by Karlyn Sykes | 9/11/2017
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