Layering 101: How to upgrade your OOTD

Sweaters, scarves, cardis, flannels...fall is *all* about layering. If you can master this reoccurring trend, then styling this season will be a breeze. Here are six tips for being crowned the queen of layering.

1. Play with textures and fabrics.
Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Heavy knits look great under denim and with leather accents. Mix complimenting colors and different fabrics to layer like a pro. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns, too. Pro tip: Stripes mix well with plaids, dots and geometric prints as long as you start with a plain base.

2. Pay attention to length.
Try wearing a long cardigan with a cropped leather jacket. Using layering pieces with varying lengths will give you a super chic look.

3. Go with the rule of thirds.
Three is the magic number. Two layers is great, three is amazing but four might be just one too many. You don’t want to pack on too many layers or you’ll wind up looking like the 100 layers of clothing challenge.

4. Keep the first layer fitted.
Your first layer should be a more fitted top. This helps keep your shape under all those layers. Remember, you should wear the clothes...not the other way around.

5. Dress it up.
Layering wasn’t just meant for tops. You can add layers on top of your dresses, too. Try adding a slouchy sweater over a simple bodycon midi dress. Tights are a fun layer to add under dresses as well and fishnets are back in this season. 

6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.
Sometimes the perfect third layer is a scarf, a belt or some jewelry. Once you have all of your main layers choose the perfect accessory to finish the look.

How will you layer up this season?


by Lauren McMillan | 9/28/2017