2017 fashion trends you won't say goodbye to in 2018

2017 was a year of some killer trends, some of which we are *so* ready to say "buh-bye" to. You and your fave celebs rocked these trends on the streets, on the red carpet and on the runway. Now, we're showing you the fashion trends that celebs and YOU will be struting into 2018 with!

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    Who wouldn't want to roll out of bed and hop into their fave comfy clothes? Athleisure has taken over everyone's closet and we don't want to say goodbye to it. SelGo casually walked the streets in this adorable track suit with some glam sunnies. Her sleek hair and fashionable sneakers make this look so put together.

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    Gigi Hadid always manages to stun, even when she's running in between the runway, a photoshoot and a red carpet event. She is a master at the off-duty model look, and she proves that here by pairing pairing sweats with furry loafers and a leather jacket.

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    Kendall is actual athleisure #goals! She always manages to look so fab in her comfy clothes. She's the OG of making sports clothes fashionable in our everyday style.

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    Statement earrings

    Selena dominated this trend in 2017! Bold earrings are the *perf* way to make a statement and it's so easy. On a casual day out, Selena rocked some oversized hoops and we can't take our eyes off of them.

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    Statement earrings

    You can't forget this gorgeous monochromatic look Selena walked on the red carpet. These pretty orange ombre earrings complement her dress perfectly, while still making just enough of a statement.

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    Bold florals

    Millie Bobby Brown has not only taken over out hearts with Stranger Things, but now she's taking over our closets, too. She's killing the fashion game! This frock mixes and matches various floral patterns, making it an amazing pop of flower power to wear come spring. 

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    Bold florals

    Demi looks *amazing* in this abstract floral two piece. The pattern gives the look a fun feel while the bomber gives off the ultimate cool girl vibes.

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    Bold florals

    You already know that Zendaya slays in, like, everyhting she wears. We heart her IDC attitude when it comes to fashion. Here, she looks absolutely stunning in this floral embroidered midi skirt. She makes '50's fashion look so fresh!

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    Playful plaid

    Plaid is not just for flannels anymore! Sabrina Carpenter knew exactly what she was doing with this colorful plaid maxi on the red carpet.

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    Playful plaid

    Once again, our girl Z is making a statement in some gorg feminine fashion. Plaid pants are not just for 90's rock stars. This pastel plaid makes the look super pretty and girly. If you wore 'em this year, you can def wear 'em come 2018.

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    Playful plaids

    This plaid look is much more subtle if you're not into an in-your-face plaid palette. Selena keeps warm in this black and white jacket.

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    Plastic accents

    Clear plastic fashion is a bold statement that the runway just can't get enough of. Kendall Jenner looks so cool in these clear plastic booties that allow her to show off her fresh pedi or some cute socks.

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    Plastic accents

    Queen RiRi knows how to be bold in everything she does. She brings in the plastic with her shoes and purse, giving an edgy futuristic look.

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    Plastic accents

    Millie knows exactly how to make a bold trend an everyday look. If you look closely, you can see a clear plastic patch on her boyfriend jeans and we are obsessed with the casual look.

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    Slogan tees

    A great graphic tee never goes out of style, but slogan tees with positve messages are a great update on a classic staple. Karlie Kloss looks fab in her "We should all be femenists" tee.

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    Slogan tees

    Lily Collins took her slogan tee to the gym with this #relatable "No Filter" tee. So cute paired with these sheer panel leggings!

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    Slogan tee

    Kendall once again knows how to rock a stellar trend in her boujee "Dior Addict" tee.

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    Showing socks

    Yara Shahidi is literally life #goals with an amazing TV shows (black-ish *and* grown-ish!), her acceptence to Harvard and her amazing style. Pairing socks with sandals is no longer a "dad" look. Yara looks beautiful on the red carpet with her knee high socks and heels.

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    Showing socks

    Hailey Baldwin makes the trend much more subtle with a pair of black pumps and black socks.

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    Showing socks

    We are screaming because this queen looks so good! Emma Roberts adds the *perf* pop to her all black outfit with these striped socks and sparkly kitten heels.

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by Bella Torres | 12/23/2017
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