These 14 past Oscar looks still give us heart eyes

The Oscars are supposed to highlight the top movies of the year. But c'mon, the red carpet is the *best* part. Since the Oscars are this Sunday, we decided to go back in time and round up our favorite looks from the past. 

Photo Credit: Vogue

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    A blast from the past, Lauren Hutton rocked this furry shawl (which is totally back in style BTW). Her 1970's glamour is still something to admire. Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar

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    When everyone's wearing dresses, why not wear pants? Whitney Houston took the suit look to a whole new level in 1994. ​​​​​​​This relaxed white set was an absolute standout. Photo Credit: ​​​​​​​Harper's Bazaar

  • hbz-best-oscars-dresses-1999-gettyimages-79827571.jpg

    Looking like a '90s Glinda from The Wizard of OzGwyneth Paltrow went for the ballgown look. The bubblegum pink had our jaws dropping. Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

  • hbz-best-oscars-dresses-2002-gettyimages-79796776.jpg

    The floral mesh top is detailed and defined. Though the bottom is as red as the carpet, this circa 2002 Halle Berry definitely doesn't blend in.  Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

  • image-3.jpeg

    Angelina Jolie killed the slinky satin look in 2004. Her silver statement necklace is just the icing on the cake. Photo Credit: Marie Claire

  • hbz-best-oscars-dresses-2006-gettyimages-75526835.jpg

    Michelle Williams's Vera Wang dress was truly iconic in 2006. Your eyes can't help but stare at this gorgeous yellow gown. Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

  • zoe-saldana17.jpg

    What better time to take a risk than at the Oscars? In 2010, this Avatar star, Zoe Saldana knew she would turn hears in this bright purple number. Photo Credit: Marie Claire

  • hbz-best-oscars-dresses-2011-gettyimages-109478074.jpg

    This 2011 boxy dress is *everything*. Cate Blanchett looks not only elegant, but regal as well. Bow down! Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar 

  • hbz-best-oscars-dresses-2013-gettyimages-162546541.jpg

    Jennifer Lawrence's 2013 look is absolute iconic. And who could forget her tripping up the stairs to accept her award—proving she's human just like us! Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

  • rexfeatures-3613726ar-813x1220.jpg

    Lupita Nyong'o was show-stopping in this pastel blue dress. In 2014, she looked too perfect to be real. Photo Credit: Marie Claire

  • 1020.jpeg

    This 2015 look popped off the red carpet. Not to mention that Emma Stone's hair looks absolutely *fab* in contrast to the pale green dress. Photo Credit: Vogue

  • 1020-2.jpeg

    Brie Larson looked *gorg* in this Gucci dress. She ruled the red carpet in this royal blue number. An Oscar wasn't the only thing she won in 2016!  Photo Credit: Vogue

  • image-2.jpeg

    Rachel McAdams defined glamour in the 2016 gown. The seemingly-infinite train paired with the open back is mesmerizing. Photo Credit: Marie Claire

  • gettyimages-645752996-1516647652.jpg

    Sofia Boutella's 2017 look blows us away. The newcomer's fringe feather bottom was a grand slam. Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

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by Alyson Trager | 3/1/2018
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