Nia Sioux's new clothing line is *exactly* what your closet needs

We love a good graphic tee. And we love Nia Sioux. So it's really no surprise that we also love the former Dance Moms star's new collection of graphic tees from Popular Poison.

Not only are the shirts comfy and easy to style, each one boasts a unique message with an empowering meaning behind it. Nia told us exactly how she selected the messages and how you should style the designs below. Read on!

GL: Tell us the secrets behind these awesome T-shirts. Why tees instead of bathing suits or dresses or blouses?
NS: I like the tees because you can dress up a T-shirt but it can also be super casual, and you can just wear it all the time no matter what you’re doing. So versatile!

GL: Which shirt is your fave?
NS: There are so many favorites, but I would probably the “kind girls are my kind of girls” design because I just think that one is so cute, and it's kind of a play on words.

The message behind it is girls supporting girls because I feel like so many people nowadays just don’t support each other like we should. It was really important to me to have that message out there. Girls need to stick together.

Girls' Life: Yay for spreading positive messages!
Nia Sioux: I feel like you can never like have too much positivity, and especially going into spring and summer, you just want something that’s fun but also kind of like meaningful. 

GL: How do you style your shirts?
 I’ll usually tie it in the front, and I love to pair them with jeans. I'll tuck it in sometimes, too. I think it’s always really fun to do that. I know on the website we use a lot of glasses in our in our photos, and I think it’s really cool to have glasses in your outfit, too.

GL: What's next for you?
NS: For the next collection or collaboration I will probably do something a little different. I don’t exactly know what that’s going to be yet, but I’ll hopefully get some inspiration pretty soon so we can start creating some new things. I can't wait to keep on evolving. 

Check out Nia's collection with Popular Poison HERE.

What motivational phrase would you put on a graphic tee? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/23/2018
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