9 YouTubers to watch for your style inspo

Being a teenager is the time to develop your own personal style that you can take with you for years to come. However, finding that personal style can sometimes be difficult. Finding people who inspire you can be so helpful in developing a personal style that you love. YouTubers and influencers are great sources who can inspire you and help you to develop your own style. Here are 9 YouTubers that you *need* to watch: 

1. Summer Mckeen
YouTube: Summer Mckeen
Instagram: summermckeen

Through her clothing hauls and outfit lookbooks, Summer is a perfect inspiration for the girls who love dainty and classic clothing. She loves stores like Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters, and loves to pair different styles together. You can always see her wearing crop tops, mom jeans or a colored corduroy jacket!

2. Margot Lee
YouTube: Margot Lee
Instagram: margot.lee

This influencer is a perfect match for the girl who loves her basic clothes. Margot’s style is simplistic and classy. She loves basic pieces such as tube tops, jeans and leather jackets. She’s usually wearing black or white, and her makeup looks are so natural.

3. Hannah Meloche
YouTube: Hannah Meloche 
Instagram: hannahmeloche

Similar to Summer, Hannah’s style is totally girly. She’s always rocking a patterned sundress, a jean skirt or a flowy printed top. She also always looks so put together without trying too hard!

4. Kiara Madisen
YouTube: Kiara Madisen
Instagram: kiaramadisen

Kiara’s outfits are perfect for the girl who wants more of a sporty vibe. While watching her college videos, you’ll notice that she is always dressed comfy cute when she’s going to class, but adds a girly flare when she’s going to an event.

5. Siena Mirabella
YouTube: Siena Mirabella
Instagram: siena_mirabella

We love this influencer’s personal style. Siena always puts a flare on basic pieces, taking her looks to another level. If she has on a basic-style top, it’s always in a fun pattern or color, making her outfit more interesting. She’s always so put together, and super hilarious.

6. Kris Hui
YouTube: Kris Hui
Instagram: sanfrankrisco 

This influencer is total gym inspo. You can always catch her working out in her vlogs, and her gym clothes are to die for. She’s always willing to try bold patterns and styles of workout clothes that will make you want to go to the gym!

7. Tasha Farsaci
YouTube: Tasha Farsaci
Instagram: tasha

This YouTuber’s style is *perfect*. She always puts in effort with her outfits, and she’s also so good at snagging amazing finds while thrifting. Can we also talk about her shoe collection? Amazing.

8. Abby Asselin
YouTube: Abby Asselin
Instagram: abby.asselin 

Abby is perfect for that girl on a budget. She is always looking for clothes that are affordable but super cute and great quality. Her favorite sites to shop at are Zaful, SheIn, and Forever 21!

9. Olivia Jade
YouTube: Olivia Jade
Instagram: oliviajade

Olivia is totally a risk taker when it comes to fashion. Her personal style has a perfect mix of wearable pieces and high fashion, and she totally rocks both. Although some of her outfits can be on the pricier side, she still always makes sure to find her subscribers pieces similar to hers that are half the price.

Who is your favorite YouTuber? 

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by Molly Beidleman | 6/2/2018
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