7 fab fashion brands you *need* to check out ASAP

A passion for fashion goes so much deeper than just loving the look of that bomb new skirt you bought last weekend. The real artistry of an outfit shines through the messages it sends about you and your passions. More and more brands are realizing that the younger generations have an unquenchable thirst to be heard and to make real differences. Here are seven brands that are raising their voices so you can make the fashion statements the world needs to hear.  

Radical Girl Gang


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Radical Girl Gang is in the business of closing the gender pay gap and making room at the table for #girlbosses. They believe in investing in (and wearing) the change you want to see in the world, a change you can be a part of! All purchases of these fab t-shirts and other merch directly support women entrepreneurs. 



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Rebook's It's A Man's World campaign brings attention to the obstacles creative women have when pursing their artistic careers. So, the brand gave a group of five diverse women the opportunity to design their own sneaker, and, naturally, they did not disappoint. Rock your fave style, and you'll have no trouble walking into every room like you own it!



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Known as "the destination for modern self-care," Chillhouse can supply you with all the me-time essentials: candles, skin-care oils and jaw-dropping "chill-wear." Seriously, how rad is the Clueless-inspired tee above?! This brand knows that everyone experiences their range of gloomy times, and truly wants their costumers to have a safe place to recharge into their best selves. 

In the Soulshine 


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In the Soulshine is the embodiment of the VSCO girl aesthetic! With the desire to spread love for planet Earth and its animals, their clothes are made vegan and cruelty-free. They even stopped using harmful plastics in their shipment packages! 



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While going to the register with your mom to pay for your first bra can be a little embarrassing, JstBU makes sure you are nothing but confident in the underwear you're in. With hidden massages printed on the inside of each undergarment, they hope to remind you of how amazing you are as you transition into womanhood. 



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In 2014, Aerie made the decision to stop retouching their photos, and, as a result, have become one of the leading advocates for body positivity within the fashion industry. Scroll through their Instagram feed and you will see so many beautiful body shapes and sizes, all looking flawless in Aerie lounge wear and swimwear. 

Girlfriend Collective


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Girlfriend Collective promotes the wellness of body, mind and Earth. From recycled fishnets to eco-friendly dyes, their athleisure wear and workout sets are environmentally-conscious. Plus, they're all about representing girls of all difference shapes and sizes.

What brand are you most excited to look into? Let us know in the comments. 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 3/25/2020