How to dress up your loungewear


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Stuck on the same pair of PJs day after day? Just because you're in quarantine doesn't mean you can't appear put together; in fact, upgrading your loungewear is the perfect way to throw your indoor routine for a loop. Going full glam for your next Zoom meeting isn't mandatory, but simple additions to your casual look can actually instill some energy and intention in your existence. Enhancing your cozy clothing with jewelry, makeup and more not only takes you from the bedside to the digital classroom, but it also boosts your self-confidence. Staring at yourself in the mirror with an organized outfit provides a sense of solace: amid the global chaos, a coordinated ensemble makes you feel in control. Check out our ideas below on how to take your loungewear to the next level and feel like a total boss in doing so.

Bring on the bold jewelry.


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Hoop earrings and chunky necklaces appear as if you put extra effort into your look. Incorporate a crystallized or studded bracelet to increase the allure.

Add simple makeup.


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A swipe of mascara and lip gloss lights up your face and ultimately pulls together your outfit. Don't forget to apply highlighter as well, so you can "glow from within."

Adopt a neutral basic.


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Layer a leather or denim jacket on top of your loungewear to add dimension to the ensemble. For a more formal getup, opt for a white blazer that pops against a black turtleneck.

Ditch the fuzzy slippers.


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Save your comfy animal slides for late-night runs to the fridge. For daytime duties, a pair of colorful booties or graphic sneakers are always on fleek.

Carry a mini backpack.


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Chances are you don't need too many items with you for a quick walk around your neighborhood. A small backpack is chic yet holds all the essentials, including cash, your phone and hand sanitizer, of course.

Pull out a pair of sunnies.


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With temperatures getting warmer, stylish sunglasses are a given. Cat-eye-shaped shades are currently on-trend, as well as classic aviators that escalate a laid-back look.

Wear an oversized hoodie like a dress.


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Put away your party frocks for now—an extra-large sweatshirt is the new normal. Giant Hoodies makes Instagram-ready designs, printed with fun phrases such as "NAP QUEEN" and "OK BOOMER."

How are you styling your loungewear? Comment below!


by Carrie Berk | 5/6/2020