6 unique vintage stores to follow on Insta

You’re probably following fashion bloggers and big brands on Instagram for style inspiration. But you can get an equal amount of inspo (and support small businesses) by following vintage clothing stores. They give a unique look at the trends of the past, from dressy ball gowns to hip leather jackets. Whether vintage style is your way of life, or you’re simply looking to incorporate older pieces into your wardrobe, these vintage stores are worth a look.



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Based out of Portland, OR, Xtabay Vintage flaunts gorgeous designer finds on their ‘gram. If you can’t visit the shop in person, they sell many of their pieces over Etsy—though since the items are from designers and somewhat rare, they can be on the pricier side. Of course, it’s free to pull inspiration from the amaze finds they feature, like the above dress. And, if you have a friend or fam who can sew, you can challenge yourself to replicate some of the pieces. Your DIY dresses will be like no one else’s.


Dearly Vintage is a feminine vintage store based out of LA. Their IG feed is full of dresses, mostly on the colorful side. Their prices tend to be lower than Xtabay, though still on the higher end. One great thing about their IG is that they often show fine details of the clothes they’re selling up close. Many of the dresses look handcrafted, and the lighter colors are perfect for a Spring picnic or frolicking in the woods like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.



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Andie appears to be a total #GIRLBOSS, running her own vintage store through Etsy. According to her IG bio, she restores clothing herself, so you can get stuff that was previously worn, but has been cleaned/re-stitched/prepped for you to rock. Her collection ranges from dresses and coats to rompers and skirts, and some enviable pieces are priced in the two-digit range.



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Berriez was founded by Emma Zack, who knew from personal experience that the vintage clothing industry, like the greater fashion industry, leaned towards petite sizes. She started out snapping pics of her and her friends to sell vintage clothes she’d acquired, but before she knew it her hobby had become a full-fledged business. Berriez is one of the few vintage shops that can declare themselves ‘curated for curves’, + they also sell a ton of unique accessories, from earrings to napkins.



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In case your feed needs more yeehaw, Shop From The Past specializes in pre-’70s Western-themed vintage clothing. You can dress like an extra from a cowboy film, but make it fashion. The finds are so specific and stylish that the brand makes a strong case for bringing the retro fashion to modern day.



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Bringing a mix of girly, colorful, glitzy, and quirky, Good To Soul is one of the most eclectic vintage shops on Insta. Some of their posts pair outfits with lookalikes from days gone by, so you can see how a piece looked on an Old Hollywood Starlet or in a throwback magazine ad. In terms of pricing, they’re closest to Xtabay.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/9/2020