How to become a savvy online shopper this season

Have you been caught paying *way* too much for a super cute outfit you *had* to have? If you answered yes, you're not alone the struggle is definitely real for us shopaholics. The solution doesn't have to be quitting. There are strategic ways to get what you want without paying full price. Try these clever tips to reduce the grand total of your next online shopping spree!

Use Honey-online browser extension


Honey is a *free* online browser extension that finds coupons and discounts for you, without you having to do anything at all. How amazing is that? This way you don't have to waste time hunting and searching for them on your own. All you have to do is go to Honey's website and click "join". 

Make an account 


A lot of your fave stores give the option of making an account with their websites instead of checking out as a guest. Doing this will give you lots of lovely treats and benefits. You will constantly get emails from them which will give you first dibs on all of the sale items! Some stores will even let you pick out an item off their website for free on your birthday, and sometimes they'll give you a discount on your purchase for just agreeing to make an account. 

Shop for off-season clothes 


Shopping for summer clothes in the winter, and for winter clothes during the summer season is probably the *smartest* trick in the book. Shopping for clothes in their offseason is when they're going to be the *cheapest*. If you've had your eye on a certain snazzy bikini all summer long the savvy way to buy it would be to wait. Even though the waiting game can be the most painful game sometimes. It'll def be worth it when you see how much you saved by being a savvy shopper!

Checkout Poshmark


The last trick to always keep in mind is checking out Poshmark to see if anyone has the item you are looking for, at a lower price. Poshmark is an app where people can sell their clothes, jewelry, shoes or anything else they want to sell and people can buy it off them using the app. So definitely download the Poshmark app, it's a great way to find what us shoppers like to call, *a great steal*.

Be sure to try out these tricks the next time you go online shopping!


by Hayley Miller | 8/2/2020