How to transition your fave summer looks into fall

Fall clothing is awesome. Cozy sweaters and bright colors make this season a lot of fun to dress for, but it can also be super bittersweet to shove your favorite tanks, shorts and sandals into a box to collect dust for 6 months.

And let's be real—between schools going all-virtual and foootball games shelved until 2021, we don't feel *super* excited about wasting tons of $$ on an autumn wardrobe. Luckily, we have the perfect strategy. Here's how to transition some of your summer pieces into fall looks. 

Tank tops

As the weather gets cooler, those super cute tanks you've been rocking all summer won't be warm enough. But instead of tucking them away in the back of your closet, try layering them! A plain long sleeve or turtleneck looks great when layered with a fun tank top. 

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Jean shorts

A great pair of jean shorts is def hard to come by, so we understand if you're hesitant to switch back to long pants come fall. But if you want to keep wearing shorts for as long as you can, we suggest shorts and tights. A pair of tights under jean shorts is a classically cute fall look. 

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Short sleeved collared shirt

If you've been wearing a breezy, short sleeved collared shirt this summer, there is no need to toss it when the weather gets cooler. Layer the shirt with a crew necked sweater or sweatshirt so that only the collar is visible. Comfy and chic at the same time!  

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You don't even need to completely change your summer accessories either. That badanna you've been wearing to keep your hair back would look just as good in a bow around your ponytail or tied on your backpack to jazz things up. 


When planning your back to school outfits, don't forget about your summer staples. Have a great fall! 

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by Molly Greenwold | 9/10/2020