Upgrade your fall style with these *fab* jackets and coats


Temperatures are dropping, spooky szn is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited for the arrival of Fall. After all, it's the best time of year to rock rave-worthy jackets and coats. We're talking about the icons that last season after season, from the denim jacket to the classic bomber and two other Fall faves. Scroll on to see how trendsetters (and regular gals) are keeping the style staples fresh.

The denim jacket

Image: Instagram/Koo Style

We heart how easy it is to customize your jacket with iron-on patches. You can look online to find patches that reflect our favorite shows and bands or simply look totally *you*. And there's always the option of buying a jacket that already has patches.

Image: Instagram/Flow Outfitters

Fur doesn't have to be just for winter. The jacket above is an effortless combo of chic and casual that makes for a major streetwear moment. If you're inspired to buy your own, look into jackets with faux-fur trim and consider sewing your own.

Image: Instagram/Michelle Fleur

Denim-on-denim: your parents probably rocked this trend when they were in high school, but that doesn't mean it can't be fashion-forward today. Go for jeans and a jacket like the influencer above or mix it up with a denim skirt.

The Leather/Motorcycle Jacket

Image: Instagram/Fashion Current Mood

Whatever name you know it by, the leather jacket brings an undeniable aura of coolness to its wearer. Subvert expectations by pairing the goth fave with a flowy dress like the models above. You could even wear a jacket with a skirt for your next school dance (in 2021).

Image: Instagram/Straighttohellapparel

Pairing the tough jacket with a formal button-down shirt makes your look instantly more put-together. Go for a retro Western shirt like the gal above, or stick with a crisp white dress shirt for a more minimalist ensemble.

Image: Rolo/BACKGRID

Model Kaia Gerber proves that the more (jacket) the merrier with this gorge leather trench coat. Swap out your classic moto for a similar style and throw on some high-waisted jeans to get the supermodel approved look.

The bomber jacket

Image: Instagram/@maisonpriveepr_la

We can't get over how fun this velvet jacket from OTT Dubai is. Made of plush velvet, the bomber features primary colors and golden trim that are sure to turn heads. Look for a colorful velvet bomber of your own, and consider thrifting one if you can.

Image: Instagram/@sensualambition

It's the best of both worlds with this leather bomber jacket, personalized with an embroidered flower decal. If your style is feminine but you're looking to add a few new items to your wardrobe, a piece like this might be just what you need.

The letterman jacket

Image: The Vintage Twin

Most school sports have been cancelled this semester, but that doesn't mean you can't show your team spirit. We're inspired by this oversized letterman jacket layered over a vintage graphic tee. Buy a size above your usual to replicate this trendy take in time for school.

Image: Free People

If, like me, you live somewhere where the Fall temps are eerily similar to those of summer, this take on the letterman jacket is for you. Layer a coat (oversized helps, but isn't a must) over denim shorts and a plain tee for a carelessly cute varsity look. Bonus points if you rock a boho messy bun.

Image: Forever 21

The final fresh take on a Fall jacket favorite is this color-blocked combo.  Most letterman jackets have a different colored trim. Use it to your advantage by matching your tee to that shade, and keep things dressy by layering both over a skirt like the model in the pic above.

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Slider Image: Instagram/Koo Style


by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/25/2020