These handcrafted earrings should be on your fashion radar

Who doesn't love a pair of cute statement earrings that will guarantee to make even the blandest outfit pop? Whether you prefer a subtle flex or you want to turn heads, Cariñitos certainly has all the gems for your next shopping splurge.

The statement earrings were made by entrepreneur and University of Houston graduate Daniela Pinzon. While developing the handmade earrings, she was inspired to name her business Cariñitos, Spanish for love and affection. 

"I wanted every customer who buys my earrings to know how much time and attention I put into making them," Daniela says. "Every pair is different and I want whoever is wearing it to know I made it with the most care and love that I could."

One of Daniela's biggest inspirations for launching Cariñitos came from her mother, Sandra Arevalo. "I was very artistic because of her. She paints all the time and makes jewelry and she always told me to have a hobby that I could turn into a side hustle," Daniela says.

While in quarantine, Daniela put her mother's advice into practice and focused on crafting handmade jewelry. She initially made the earrings exclusively for close family and friends, but the earrings were so *fabulous* they encouraged her to launch a business. 

Daniela soon launched Cariñitos in late August and it's quickly becoming a fan favorite on Instagram. The collection is an infusion of her Colombian culture and shared experiences amongst the various countries she visited.

“I like to express inclusivity," she says. "Being Latina and having a diverse upbringing, I want to bring that to my earrings so people can feel included regardless of what they look like.”

If you are looking for an excuse to get cute or add that extra spark to your next outfit, we have the *perf* solution for you.

Cariñitos Goodbye Summer Collection

If you're looking to relive your best summer memories, look no further, these floral earrings will do the trick.

"I love sunflowers, the yellow shouts happiness to me, and they're the perfect earrings to make you feel happy," Daniela shares. 


Hoops are *always* in season. The addition of the daisies is an enchanting twist that will brighten any outfit. "The flowers add a unique touch," Daniela says. "The design is sophisticated yet simple so you can wear it with anything."

Flower Child🌼$18, 

The Arcoiris set is a dreamy pastel color in the shape of a rainbow. "A goodbye summer collection you can still wear this fall," Daniela says.


Inspired by a trip to Barcelona, the eye-catching earrings are just in time for the approaching holiday season."These earrings did really well, and it goes to show people are willing to try different designs so do not be afraid to try new things," Daniela shares.

Tulip Dreams🌷, $15, 

These sophisticated royal blue earrings will certainly make you feel like a queen. The sparkly earrings, designed to mimic the shape of a crown, are made with opal clay to guarantee glitz and shine.

Reinas👑 , $12, 

Surprise GL readers! We also have an *exclusive* first look at the Cariñitos Fall Collection out now!

Cariñitos Fall Collection

Fallin For You✨, $18, 

Sunshine, $15, 

The Coven ✨, $18, 

Sweater Weather​​​​​​, $18, 

*Holiday Alert* The Fall Collection also features exclusives for your upcoming Halloween festivities.

Cariñitos Halloween Collection 👻

Trick or treat yourself this Halloween with any of these spooky sets. "I wanted to try smaller designs so anyone, from the stud to statement earring girls, could feel comfortable wearing them," Daniela says. "It is a really fun and cute way to dress up your ears for Halloween."

Sparkling Ghost✨ Sparkling Bats✨Sparkling Pumpkin, $8, 

You'll be too cute to spook if you snag this set. The rounded maroon earrings are paired with ghosts complemented with splashes of glitter. "I was inspired to bring some color and style to the Halloween Collection," Daniela says. "I love how the maroon brings the gold flakes out and this design is just as stylish as it is fun for Halloween and even after."

Golden Ghost,  $15, 

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by Samantha Dorisca | 10/20/2020