These Halloween costumes have matching face masks

Halloween is a bit different this year. While you figure out how to maneuver your Halloween plans, a fab costume with a matching face mask can't be overlooked. Check out these Halloween costume ideas complete with matching face masks for the occasion.


Live your galactic otherworldly dreams, but don't forget your face mask. Complete your costume with this iridescent face mask.

Matching face mask:

Iridescent Face Mask, $19

Powerpuff Girls

Pick your fave and throw on some knee-high boots to keep warm and complete the look. Feature the Powerpuff Girl of your choice on your face mask and prepare to protect your town for the rest of the night.

Matching face mask:

Powerpuff Girls Face Mask, $13

A Clown

Ditch the clown nose and opt for a clown face mask instead to complete your look. If you're not keen on clown makeup, this mask will do all the work.

Matching face mask:

Clown Face Mask, $14

The Cheetah Girls

You have four color options, and luckily, there's every cheetah print mask color imaginable on the web. Pick the one that complements you the best, and have an amazing night with your Cheetah sisters. 

Matching face mask:

Pink Cheetah Print Face Mask, $14


It's only right that you continue the tie-dye trend and grab a matching tie-dye face mask for this super simple costume.  

Matching face mask:

Tye Die Pony Bead Face Mask, $6

An Angel

Grab a face mask as soft and delicate as this costume to complete your lovely look. This white lace face mask will do the job.

Matching face mask:

Lace Face Mask, $19

A Popstar

Whether you're Ariana Grande (costume pictured) or Billie Eilish, a bedazzled face mask can't be helped. Feel as glam as the popstar of your choice with this bedazzled face mask fit for any celeb.

Matching face mask:

Swarovski Crystal Face Mask, $20

Football Players

If you don't want to carry an actual football around, don't fret. Wear one on your face to complete the look. Check out this football face mask that will *completely* tie your look together.

Matching face mask:

Football Face Mask, $12

70s Flower Child

Throw it back to the hippie movement and embrace your inner flower child with a flower-patterned face mask this Halloween.

Matching face mask:

Wild Flower Fashion Face Mask, $15


We wouldn't expect barbie to have anything less than a pink sequined face mask. Complete this *fab* Halloween look with one of your own.

Matching face mask:

Pink Sequin Face Mask, $15

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Slider Image: @emilyskinner


by Franca Akenami | 10/20/2020