How to mix-and-match earrings...and make it look cool

During fall and winter, a cozy solid-colored sweater and worn-in jeans are our everyday uniform. While this outfit is perfectly functional for studying from home, it's easy to get bored with this combo. The easiest way to spice up your everyday look is to mix and match some earrings! Mixing and matching earrings is a fun and inexpensive way to make your look feel more fresh and trendy. Keep reading to get started on your earring journey!

Start Small

SHEIN, $16

If you're nervous about mixing up your jewelry, start small with some simple studs. Pair a simple heart stud with a flower, or a small sun with a moon earring. If you're feeling self-conscious, you can hide your earrings behind your hair.

Mix Textures

Etsy, $15

Etsy, $8

Etsy, $23

Etsy, $11

There are so many different types of earrings out there, made of all kinds of materials. Try an abstract polymer clay earring with a resin photo earring. Or go for a bold 80s inspired stud with a leather drop earring. 

Go for a Theme

Etsy, $18

Dauphinette, $32

Etsy, $15

Etsy, $8

To strengthen your earring game, even more, choose earrings that fit a specific aesthetic or theme. For a cottage core look, try this gorgeous Dauphinette flower with this Calico Critter earring. If you love a dark academia look, pair a miniature book with a gothic cherub. 

by Elise G. Esquibel | 10/24/2020