How to style every single oversized sweatshirt you have in your closet

The most important staple in any girl's closet? The oversized sweatshirt. Comfy, cute, and able to be styled in so many different ways. No matter your aesthetic, you'll be able to find inspo here that's *perfect* for you. 

Girly and trendy


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Pair your oversized crewneck with a pleated tennis skirt, and finish it off with a collared shirt. Amazing for fancy bathroom pics...or just getting lattes with the crew!

Comfy and cozy


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There's nothing better than a sweat set when it's cold outside. Accentuate a neutral pair of sweatpants with a jewel-toned hoodie for the best "I woke up like this, and still look this good" outfit. 

Dark academia


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Looking to add a little edge to your simple sweatshirt? Add thrifted jeans, a collared shirt and Doc Martens. A flawless way to match with the fall foliage!

Boho chic


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Take your favorite brightly colored sweatshirt and pair it with your cutest patterned skirt. The result? A outfit that's full of VSCO-worthy vibes. 

Retro grunge 


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Is your favorite TV show Stranger Things? Do you think mom jeans are *so* underrated? This look is for you. Oversized jeans and high-top Converse will compliment your favorite vintage crewneck perfectly.  

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by Serena Sherwood | 10/24/2020