Go behind the scenes of a *virtual* Fashion Week runway show

A few of our *fave* influencers were invited to attend virtual Fashion Week shows by some of the biggest brands in fashion—like Chanel and Miu Miu. The best part? These influencers documented their virtual Fashion Week experiences on social media so we could feel like we were right there with them. We got to see everything from hair and makeup prep to the models strutting down the runway in Paris, even if we couldn't be there ourselves!

Dixie D'Amelio at Chanel's virtual fashion show

Dixie got her first-ever invite to a luxury fashion show this year to the top of the line Coco Chanel Paris Fashion Week show. There was *so* much prep getting Dixie to look totally *fab* for the show. Her makeup artist Patrick Ta killed the glam and made her eyes look totally snatched with a winged white eyeliner to match her white outfit. Chanel even sent Dixie so many different gorgeous bags to choose from to carry with her in her front-row virtual seat. 

Glam wasn't the only thing Dixie had to prepare. Since it was her first show, she had a lot to learn about Paris Fashion Week etiquette—along with all the dos and don'ts—in a short amount of time. She decided to call Camila Coelho to fill her in on all the deets. 

"Number one, always when you approach somebody say bonjour, and remember there are photographers everywhere, always make sure your posture is good when you're sitting at the show and to cross your legs depending on what you're wearing," Camila told her.

Dixie took all of Camila's advice and *def* did an amazing job watching Chanel's virtual Paris Fashion Week show virtually from her couch. She looked like a pro and sat with great posture and a bright big smile on her face. 

Addison Rae at Miu Miu's virtual fashion show

The ever-so-flawless Addison Rae showed everyone her beautiful and iconic nose scrunch smile that we're so used to seeing on TikTok, this time online at the Miu Miu virtual fashion show. We loved being able to watch Addison prepare for the show by FaceTiming Derek Blasberg, the head of fashion and beauty at Youtube, as well as Karlie Kloss, and asking them questions about how the show is going to look in virtual format compared to how it normally is in person.

"If you were actually in Paris, the energy around Fashion Week is really special, and there's just something that's like you're on the cutting edge of seeing the next seasons' greatest ideas," Karlie responded.

Addison's dad, Monty Lopez, picked out a few outfits for Addison to choose from. She went with an elegant white top and a matching skirt. Watching with Addison, it's easy to see Miu Miu did an amazing job at putting together such a creative virtual way for the models to have an audience as they strut down the runway. 

Storm Reid at Miu Miu's virtual fashion show

Storm Reid joined in attendance with Addison online virtually and looked *fab* as always. It's so amazing that she was able to be a part of the strong group of women who came together from all over the world to watch Miu Miu's iconic finale that closes out Paris Fashion Week. 

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by Hayley Miller | 11/9/2020