How to shop sustainably this holiday season

Buying gifts for your friends and family is so exciting when it *finally* becomes the holiday season. Unfortunately, with all these purchases from various shops and online stores comes the potential for *huge* amounts of waste.

Popular stores with lots of items for sale are some of the main contributors to the environmental harm from the fast fashion industry. 

It's easy to resort to the main commercial brands for affordability reasons, but there are also *so* many sustainable brands that operate ethically and don't contribute to excess clothing waste. Shopping sustainably is such an easy way to minimize your carbon footprint. It's also fun (hello! shopping!) and you can feel good about your sustainable purchase. Want to get started? Check out these five brands for some fashionably sustainable products.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is an eco-friendly brand that specializes in active wear. Not only do they care about the environment, but they also value body positivity and have sizes ranging from XXS-6XL. In 2020, they were able to recycle over 7 million plastic water bottles and saved over 16 million gallons of water. 



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Reformation is a brand with all types of trendy clothing. They are also very aware that the fashion industry is one of the main pollutants in the world, so they've outlined in detail their sustainability framework on their website. They've also built their own Los Angeles factory—where they ensure enjoyable work conditions and strongly value their employees.



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Wolven is a new and upcoming brand that's all about bold patterns for lounge and active wear. Their pieces are all made from recycled materials that is free from harsh and toxic chemicals. Their clothes are perfect for those who love the active life and aren't afraid to get sweaty, because their fabrics are quick-drying and moisture-wicking. 



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Parade is an underwear brand made from all recycled materials. Their products are soft, comfortable and good for the environment. With fun colors and patterns, these undies will make you feel *great* about yourself. Parade also promotes body positivity with many sizes and values their diverse community. 

Boyish Jeans


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Boyish Jeans is a brand dedicated to making all their products free from toxins. Sustainable jeans, dresses, jackets and more, this brand has *all* the coolest products. They also use plant-based dyes and recycle their water to be as sustainable as possible. Read more about their eco-friendly processes here.

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by Lily Baker | 12/16/2020