Our favorite whimsical obsessions to fulfill your cottagecore dreams

If you’re a fan of prancing across fields of wildflowers or eating banana bread in the middle of a lush forest, then you *need* to explore these cottagecore obsessions. The cottagecore aesthetic, built on a romanticization of rural life and harmony with nature, is raging all over the internet, and rightfully so.

Seriously, who doesn’t love nature or flowy dresses?


Teuta Matoshi

Chances are you might’ve seen the viral gauzy strawberry dress by Kosovian designer Lirika Matoshi some time this summer or fall. A big inspiration for Lirika is her fashion designer sister, Teuta Matoshi (@teutamatoshi). Over the years, Teuta managed to transform from the owner of a small local shop in her hometown of Pristina to running an exclusive boutique in New York.

Her Spring Blooms Laced Gown looks perfect for dancing in the meadows under dappled sunlight, and her Timeless Rose Gown looks straight out of Taylor Swift’s song, “Love Story,” pretty in the classic, unrequited love way. Although they are very high-end (in the upwards hundreds to a thousand dollars), a girl can certainly dream. 

Handmade ceramic mugs

 There's just something so quaint and cozy about handmade ceramic mugs. They look so unique and make absolutely beautiful gifts. One of the best places to get these adorable mugs is Etsy, and bonus: you get to support small creators and businesses! Some really cute shops to check out are msvintagenicole and JoppaMTNPottery. If you’re artsy or are looking for a challenge, you can even make one from scratch yourself! Whatever floats your boat (or in this case, your cup).

Bendy candles

Wiggly worm candles: it may sound strange, but they’re super aesthetic. They make the perfect, quirky gift or even just decor for your fairy cottage—I mean, home. The brand, Mociun, sells some nice twisty ones for around $40, but if you want to save money, or are looking for a fun DIY, we got you covered. Here’s how to make your own: grab some candlesticks (tip: get them at Hobby Lobby for only $1.49 each!) and place them in warm water for about 15 minutes. Once they’re malleable, twist or bend them with your hands into the shape you want (tip #2: mold it in the warm water so it doesn’t crack).

Fluffy tote bags

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you may have stumbled across the Y2K fluffy tote bags. However these bags are not limited to only the early 2000s aesthetic—they’re super cute to pair with a flowy floral dress, a day of strawberry-picking or a whimsical picnic. This one on Etsy is white with black flowers, reminiscent of cow print but with a revamped cottagecore spin.

Antique mirror trays

To finish it all off, here’s a quick hype message of the day: you’re beautiful. Yes, you. So in the spirit of self-love, feel free to revel in your beauty just a little bit, and the perfect way to do that is investing in a fancy antique mirror tray. Here’s the cool thing about mirror trays: it lets you stare at your pretty face *and* it holds any jewelry or trinkets (get you a mirror who can do both!). Cottagecore is such a pretty aesthetic, it’s only fair to get a pretty mirror as well, and this one from Wish may just do the trick.

Whatever you choose to treat yourself with, make sure to have fun with it. The cottagecore aesthetic creates the opportunity to indulge in playful fantasies, so take advantage of that and tap into your inner fairy cottage princess!


by Sophia Zhang | 12/9/2020