All things headbands: How to rock the newest hair accessory trend


They say fashion is cyclical, and that couldn't be more true for the early 2000s hair trend that *everyone* obsessed over: headbands! The Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf look is totally back in style, and we've been seeing all kinds of adorable hair accessories at our fave online shops recently. Whether you are rocking a pearl-studded headband or a fun velvet piece this holiday season, we have *all* the tips and tricks of how to style the cutest trend rn. 

Keep it simple

If anyone is going to serve as a guide to wearing basic headbands, its style *queen* Emma Chamberlain. She used a solid white headband to tie together this casual-yet-cute look, giving us major outfit envy! Shop a similar headband here: $5-$10


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Pull out baby hairs 

It is *super* cute to set back your headband and pull some har in front by your face. Try it next time you want a chic, effortless look! Shop a similar headband here: $10 

Wrap around the head 

Ok, I know this is technically a costume but it's still *adorable.* This is perfect for that boho vibe or to add a little sparkle to an otherwise simple outfit. Talk about glam accessorizing! Shop a similar headband here: $9


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Ponytail princess

High pony + thick headband = a fun sassy look! Channel your inner Simone Biles and rock this type of headband with athleisure clothing or other casual outfits. Shop similar headbands here: $12

Experiment with fun colors 

If you want to make a real statement, pick a headband in a bright color or with a fun design. Shop a similar headband here: $21

Pearls, pearls, pearls! 

For all you girly girls out there, a pearl headband is the perfect finishing touch to your everyday outfits. Shop similar headbands here: $10

Which of these looks will you be rocking on your Zoom classes and over the holidays? Let us know on Insta and Twitter @girlslifemag! 


by Lexi Casazza | 12/10/2020