How to channel Cher Horowitz in your style this winter


As if we could ever forget the amazing fashion from Clueless! Though the movie celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, Cher Horowitz is still a style icon who has clearly stood the test of time. Along with teaching us *all* we needed to know about friendship, flirting and fun, Cher approached every situation with confidence—and a brand-new outfit. Here's how to subtly recreate Cher's classic California style for cold and snowy winters.

Pretty in plaid

Cher incorporated plaid into tons of her outfits, from her classic yellow blazer to her black and white checked skirt. To take inspo from Cher's fave pattern this winter, try pairing classic plaid pants with a basic black turtleneck or sweater. Or, wear a bright plaid sweater with your skinnies that'll take you from Zoom class right to cozying up with a mug of hot cocoa.


Kick it up with knee-high boots

Knee-high socks are a serious staple of *any* Cher outfit. To stay warm, opt for a pair of classy knee-high boots instead. Pair with your favorite jacket or a long knit sweater to pull your look together in a flash. Done!


Low-key layers

Cher mixed up her outfits all the time by layering different pieces for a new look—even in gym class. Pop on a cute puffer vest over your sweater or a soft cardi over your favorite blouse. Or, layer your fave flannel over your band tee so you can rep your go-to group while still staying cozy. You'll have *tons* of new outfit options in no time.


Hello, yellow

Cher's signature outfit exudes brightness and boldness, just like her sunny personality. To pay homage to her skirt set, consider choosing a trendier, darker shade of yellow to build your #OOTD around. Try styling a thick, chunky sweater with leggings or jeans; it might end up being your most capable-looking outfit.


Monochromatic magic

Though Cher wasn't afraid to take fashion risks, she also looked amazing by staying simple and sticking to one shade like maroon, mint green or pale pink. Subtly weave Cher's style into your own by choosing a purse with a similar hue as your winter jacket. Or, try matching your fave scrunchie to your outfit (or your dog's).


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by Ariane Faro | 1/3/2021