How to flaunt fab handbags like Emily in Paris without going over your budget

Lily Collins played the iconic role of Emily in Emily in Paris. Emily, ever the fashion-forward, sassy style icon, made sure wherever she went, she had the right purse on her arm. If you're anything like us, you were dying to know where to get handbags like Emily's. After some deep online shopping, we found the *best* budget friendly bags to match Emily's not-so-budget-friendly Coco Chanel's.

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This black Coco Chanel sheepskin bag is an Emily in Paris staple. It made multiple appearances throughout the season because it's a bag that'll never go out of style. It will match with any OOTD—no matter how casual or fancy. Lucky for you, we found a great lookalike for cheap! Yesstyle, $23.

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Emily was never afraid of glitz n' glam, especially on her handbags. If you're going for a working girl lewk like Emily, this bag will give your chic outfit the perfect pop of color. BiggyBargains, $20.

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Emily is definitely *not* known for being shy when it comes to fashion. She *def* loves to be different and step out of her comfort zone as she did with this mini pearl crossbody bag.  Make a fashion statement like Emily by purchasing this *rare* and luxurious purse for less than half the price of the OG bag. Amazon, $28.

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We *loved* when Emily carried this bright yellow shoulder bag that matched perfectly with her maxi dress. It screamed summer, which is why we knew we had to have a look-alike...especially during these cold months. Etsy, $39.

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by Hayley Miller | 12/21/2020