5 things to wear the next time you're taking pictures

Ready, set, pose!

Instagram profile looking a little dull lately? Or just looking for a way to have some fun with the squad? Host a fun photoshoot (and look cute while doing it) with these 5 outfit must-haves.

Neon colors

The look: Grab your audience's attention with bright neon colors like yellow, orange and pink. Wear a bold top that enhances your eye color or even splatter some paint for a super fun and memorable look.

Buy yours: This bodysuit from Forever 21 is *totally* eccentric, but can still be toned down with a pair of light-washed jeans - no prob.

Pair of sunglasses (...or three)

The look: Instead of doing a full makeup look, bring the attention to your face by wearing a pair of crazy sunglasses or layering multiple different types. 

Buy yours: Shein sells this pair of oversized square glasses in pomegrante, mint, black and gray. These luxe-looking dupes will guarantee to have all the eyes on you.

Funky pants

The look: Whether your thing is metallic tones, animal print or flared legs, a funky pair of pants is sure to make a statement in your followers' Insta feed. 

Buy yours: OMG, get yourself the vinyl pants of our *dreams* from Misguided. Although they might not be the most comfy, the bomb retro-themed pics with these plum-colored pants will be totally worth it.

 Statement hat


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The look: Obviously bucket hats are *all* the rave rn (and we're not complaining), but don't be afraid to experiment with a cowboy hat, cabbie hat or wide-brimmed fedora. For extra flare, try wearing a pair of trendy bubble braids underneath. Ah-dor-able!

Buy yours: Soak up all the dreamy vibes in this colorful butterfly bucket hat from PacSun.

Anything sparkly

The look: Sparkles are a girl's best friend, right? Kinda sorta? Vamp up your next photoshoot with a piece that sparkles as much as you do! Get ready for a *major* main character moment.

Buy yours: This sparkly cropped tee from Forever 21 is just subtle enough to pair with your funky high-waisted pants – a match made in Instagram heaven (*chef's kiss*).

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by Elise Jones | 3/13/2021