Your style guide to owning the Parisian girl aesthetic

Everyone can agree that the Parisian girl aesthetic is très chic. The two keywords used to describe it are stylish and understated. In the words of Coco Chanel herself, "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

Well, this is definitely easier said than done—you don't want to go overboard in trying to look effortless! Here are the key elements to getting that je ne sais quois of the Parisian girl aesthetic.

Take another cue from the Queen of Fashion (Coco Chanel, bien sûr!)and don't over-accessorize. She advises ladies, "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Instead of stacks of rings, bracelets and necklaces, wear one piece of each. 

image: @eleonoretoulin

Loud labels are a major faux pas. You want your clothes to be able to speak for themselves—being discreet and tasteful is a major part of being chic! Rather than shopping for clothes with visible brand markers, look for timeless pieces that you can wear with just about anything—comfortable but high-quality sweaters, jeans and purses.

image: @zoiamossour

Shop for neutral colors: Navy, maroon, beige, brown, gray or black. This way, you can use and reuse these pieces in many outfit combinations. Try to stick to the three-color rule, and when in doubt, wear all black (now *that* is a classic French girl look!).

image: @gabriellecaunesil

The *really* perfect outfit merges style and comfort. Usually, though, one is sacrificed for the other. If you're channeling the Parisian girl aesthetic, don't make the sacrifice of comfort for style. For example, rather than putting on heels every day, go for flat shoes: Sandals, ballet shoes or loafers. Parisian fashion is about creating a comfortable look—albeit, a stylish and fashionable one—but still, you want to be sure that you're comfortable in your clothes!

image: @riccialexandra

Make sure you find clothes with the right cut for your body. Avoid skintight or baggy clothing—you want to find clothes that fit your body perfectly. This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to tailor your own clothes, too! 

image: @louisefollain

Above all, find the right style for you. Parisian style is all about the classics, not following the newest trends of the day. Experiment a little to find the perfect look for yourself, then be sure to stick with it. Once you know what works, you can be sure that it will stay perfect for years to come.  

image: @anainparis

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by Elina Graham | 4/9/2021