These GL girls' tie-dye clothing brand supports an *amazing* cause

Ella and Eve are two 15-year olds who met and became friends at camp. The two New York natives have now taken a popular camp craft—tie-dye—and turned it into a clothing business that donates money to an organization dedicated to bringing joy to children with cancer. Ella and Eve spoke with GL about their business, Tie Dye For a Good Cause and how it grew from a fun craft in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to the fashionable *and* charitable buisness it is today. 

When lockdown first started in March of 2020, Ella ordered a tie-dye kit for her and her two sisters. After some of her friends told her that her tie-dye creations looked really cute, Ella started thinking about what she could do to turn the craft into something that could benefit others. Eve joined the team shortly after and the two girls have been running the growing business ever since. Ella handles dyeing the products and shipping while Eve manages the website and their Instagram page; all while balancing their freshman year of high school. 

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All of the profits for Tie Dye For a Good Cause go to the Sunrise Association, an organization that brings games and activities to children in hospitals fighting cancer, as well as their siblings. Sunrise Association also has a day camp program for patients and their siblings. 

"Tie-dye is kind of like a camp thing, and I think that the connection with Sunrise and their camp program is really important to us. Tie-dye is a bright and fun thing which can be so important to kids who might otherwise be having pretty tough days," said Eve. 

When the girls first started their business, figuring out how they would grow was a big challenge.

"We had to get a good start, which when you're starting from zero followers, it's tough to grow an audience," Ella explained. Nearly a year later, Tie-Dye For a Good Cause has now raised almost $10,000 for Sunrise Association and received over 400 orders. It isn't hard to see why, we *love* all of the cute and colorful products that are available, ranging from socks and sweatshirts to both girls' personal favorite: the pajama set. 

Both Ella and Eve agreed that the most rewarding part of their nonprofit is seeing how meaningful their contributions are to the kids with Sunrise Association. 

"It's super amazing when we receive emails from Sunrise after we make a donation where they explain how they're using the money and how it's helping the children in ways we wouldn't have even realized," Ella shared. 

The two inspiring teens urge Girls' Life readers not to be afraid to try new things. Something you enjoy can turn into something that can bring joy into others' lives. 

"Just try, take the risk. You never know what might happen," Eve urged. 

Want to buy your own tie-dye creations from Ella and Eve? Check out their website here and be sure to check out the Tie Dye For a Good Cause Instagram: @tiedyeforagoodcause.

Images provided by Tie Dye For a Good Cause


by Abigail Adams | 3/15/2021