The *ultimate* list of Amazon jewelry finds


Ever wonder where your fave influencers get the adorable mini hoops and dangly necklaces they are always sporting on their Insta feeds? Or where to find dupes for those gorgeous designer bracelets that you keep seeing online? Well, there are *tons* of amazing options right on Amazon that you can use to step up your accessories game! Here are some of our favorite trendy pieces that you can get from Amazon and add to your jewelry collection. 

Initial hoops: $13

For a cute, customizable look, try this fun gold mini hoops. They'll complement just about any outfit and add a hint of sparkle while still being pretty neutral basics for your collection. Talk about a versatile earring! Shop the earrings here. 

Pearl necklace: $10  

A classic style without the steep price tag? We are sold! These faux pearls look just like the real thing and can elevate any casual look or compliment that dress you've been wanting to wear to a nice dinner. Shop the necklace here. 

Boho earrings set: $9  

These dangly earrings are perfect for the spring and summer for any of you out there who *love* the boho aesthetic! They add the perfect pop of color to any outfit and are weather resistant, so you can wear them to the beach or pool for that perfect summer photo op! Shop the earrings here. 

Gold Mini Hoop Multipack: $14 

This pack gives you a huge variety of styled huggies to choose from, and if you have multiple piercings you can layer them together for a totally glam look! P.S., our personal faves are the butterflies. Shop the earrings here. 

Snake Ring: $9  

If you are more into silver jewelry, this fierce snake ring will *totally* be your next staple piece! It has a super unique shape and will definitely be a conversation starter whenever someone notices it. Shop the ring here. 

Chrishine Life Love Friendship Ring: $12

Have you been eyeing the Cartier Love rings but lacking the *ahem* financial resources to splurge on them? Same girl, same. Luckily, this ring is a nearly perfect dupe that won't break the bank. Shop the ring here. 

Mixed Metal Anklet Pack: $10 

This set comes with 16 anklets with a mix of gold and silver so that you can switch it up whenever you feel like it, but the seller also has packs that are entirely gold, entirely silver, and entirely rose gold available on their page. They are perfect for trips to the pool or beach when you want a fun accessory to go with your summery fit, and a few of the designs are *super* intricate. Shop the anklets here.  

Chain necklace: $20 

Chain necklaces have become a *major* style trend over the last few months, and dainty rope chains like this one are simple yet eye-catching. You can choose whatever length you would like, making this the perfect necklace for layering!  Shop the necklace here. 

Which of these pieces are you adding to your cart ASAP? Tag us @girlslifemag on Insta and Twitter so we can see your haul! 

All images via Amazon 


by Lexi Casazza | 5/6/2021