Not a purse girl? Try these alternatives instead


Anyone else save pics like this for fashion inspo? Who wouldn't—this is a *stunning* outfit. But there's one element that I could never recreate: the purse. Carrying a purse always feels so awkward to me. Plus, I never know quite the right way to hold it: on my shoulder, in my hand or over my wrist?

For a long time, I just shoved all my belongings in my pocket. Unfortunately, I soon learned that this was an easy way to lose whatever item was precariously leaning out of my pocket (especially since women's pants never have enough pocket space...) So what's a girl to do? I soon invested in a number of purse alternatives and through trial and error, was able to narrow down to the best of the best. Enjoy!

Shoulder bag

H&M, $18

Okay, so you can't store more than a few things in this violet bag, but that's what makes it the best for busy days—toss in your phone, your fave lip gloss and your keys and you're ready for any adventure that comes your way!


Aloha Collection, $32

Stash your essentials in this super sweet pouch that's beach or pool ready. Bonus bc it comes in tons of trendy prints *and* is waterproof! Perfect for a mini makeup bag or anything else you need by the water.

Fanny pack

ASOS, $12

Small and versatile, fanny packs are the classic summer bag. Plus, you can style them with any fit, from athleisure to formalwear (no, seriously, look it up!). 

Mini backpack

Vans, $28

Whether you want to hit up the skatepark or hike through the redwoods, this mini backpack will safely store all your belongings. You get all the sturdiness and none of the weight of a regular backpack, plus its bright color gives it an extra pop!

Leather satchel

Shein, $24

Classy and simple, this satchel *totally* has those light academia vibes we've been digging lately. Pair it with some oxfords and your cutest plaid skirt and you're good to go. 

Tote bag

Etsy, $19

Tote bags are the height of practicality. Plus, this bright floral printed one is perfect for any occasion—farmer's markets, picnics on the beach or even just for grabbing boba with your besties.

Drawstring bag

Dick's Sporting Goods, $18

The unstructured frame of drawstring bags lets you carry anything from your soccer ball to an extra pair of shoes. And when you're done, you can fold it up and conveniently store it until next time. Easy peasy!  

Teddy bear backpack

Shein, $12

This 90's trend has made a recent comeback (although tbh, did it ever *really* go out of style?) and is an adorable addition to any outfit. 

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by Elina Graham | 6/1/2021