Fashion fluidity and debunking feminine and masculine style


Your clothing choices are supposed to make yourself feel confident about yourself and your body, and embracing styles that allow you to do so—regardless of whether they conform with gender norms—is a great way to build confidence. Fluid fashion is a form of self-expression that is designed to break barriers and encourage you to embrace both mascline and feminine styles, no matter what clothing styles you feel you *ought* to wear.

Supporting fashion fluidity is not just taking part in a movement, but it is also welcoming a style. Society tends to associate clothing choices with gender (i.e. if you're a girl you should wear dresses and if you're a boy you should wear pants)—but it's 2021, and that is *so* not how it should work anymore.


Mixing feminine and masculine styles is an emerging fashion trend that has been seen across many platforms, like with Harry Styles' Vogue cover in a Gucci gown and Billie Eilish's street style, for example. With so many celebrities and influencers embracing gender-fluid styles, we decided to break down the concept to help you incorporate these styles it into your own fashion. 

Traditionally, feminine fashion has often included items with flowy silhouettes, like skirts and dresses, as well as floral prints, lacey textures and soft fabrics. Masculine fashion predominantly embraced items with hard lines, like pants and blazers, as well as relaxed fits and high necklines. While these guidelines may have served as the status quo for a long time, gendered clothes are *so* outdated. Now it's all about wearing what makes you feel like, well, you.


if u feel good and authentic and true to u in that moment that’s all that matters bbs

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Honor how you feel each day

An easy way to honor how you feel each day is to take time to assess how the clothes on your body make you feel. If something doesn't feel right, you shouldn't wear it—no matter how aesthetic or trendy it might be. Wear what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.

Imagine this: You're going to get brunch with your BFFs. You planned an outfit featuring a floral babydoll dress and heels, only to realize that it doesn't *really* fit your vibe today. Instead, you opt for a structured set with sneakers and chunky jewelry. Remember: It's okay to change your mind! 

It's *all* in the details

As all fashionistas know, small details and accessories can make or break *any* outfit. Neither feminine nor masculine styles are based on specific aesthetics or color schemes, so the details and accessories you wear often set the tone for your outfit. 

To mix multiple styles, try incorporating both masculine and feminine pieces in your outfits. If you're styling a white button up, opt for a fun skirt and colorful beaded jewelry. The structure of the top will balance well with the silhouette of the skirt, and accessories are easy ways to spice up a boring outfit. Don't be afraid to be bold!

Fashion should be fun 

Picking out clothes shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun! Next time you go shopping, remember that it's okay to break away from the status quo and not conform with traditional norms. Having fun and expressing yourself is the most important part of fashion, so don't be afraid to experiment with different aesthetics, embrace your perception of style and wear clothes that make you feel like you. 


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by Allie Lijewski | 6/21/2021