Give your phone a glow-up with these adorable accessories

Everyone knows the importance of having a case to protect your phone. However, why not have a little fun with it and accessorize your phone to make it even more personal? Adding some flair to your phone or any device is a great way to spruce it up and showcase a bit of your personality. There are many ways you can go about doing this—from a fun case, cute stickers to phone charms and more. If your cell has been feeling a little bland recently—don’t panic. We’ve rounded up the trendiest accessories to give your device the glow up it deserves.

1. Cases

A cute case is a simple way to take your phone up a notch. There are *tons* of adorable options online—but these are just a couple of our faves. Rock one of these cases, and you and your phone are sure to be looking super trendy.

Etsy Pink & Sage Green Swirls iPhone Case, $15

Wildflower Latte Love case, $35

2. Stickers

Stickers are such a fun way to personalize your phone case and there are also *so* easy to find. We love these Zodiac and cute animal stickers, but you could do your initials, animals or even foods. 

Amazon 50pcs Kawaii stickers, $7

Etsy Zodiac sticker, $4

3. Phone charms 

We love the phone charm trend and don’t think it’s going anywhere. They are so cute and can add so much character to your phone. They go with every case, too. You can buy from a small business or even make them yourself.

Etsy Y2K 90s Phone Charm Strap, 2 for $15

Etsy Butterfly and Pearl aesthetic phone charm, $18 

4. PopSockets 

Not only are PopSockets useful, but they can be super stylish, too. Add one of these fun cow print or gorgeous tortoiseshell PopSockets to your device and let your personality shine.

Anthropologie PopSockets Phone Stand, $20 

PopSockets UO Exclusive Cow Print Phone Stand, $10

5. Home page inspo 

Sometimes all your phone needs is a home page refresh. Use cute backgrounds, app covers and widgets to personalize your phone and give it the cutest aesthetic. Here are just two examples of some home pages we love, but the options are endless. 

Etsy App Icons, $5

Etsy App Icons, $4

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All GIFs via GIPHY | Slider image via @get.casely 


by Paige Mountain and Miriam Riley | 9/18/2021