7 easy ways to style a turtleneck this season

As fall transitions to winter, we know your first instinct is to cycle through your five comfiest hoodies because honestly, we feel the same way each year. But when you've gotten tired of wearing your school's signature crewneck for the nth time, maybe it's a sign to try out turtlenecks, a classy alternative that is just as comfy and cozy. Whether you're running through a corn maze or picking out a Christmas tree with the fam, we've rounded up seven easy ways to style a turtleneck that will leave you both warm and stylish. And the best part, you can achieve these tips with what you already have in your closet.

Layered under EVERYTHING


The way that this fit is the ultimate visual representation of what Northern U.S. winters are like. For those who live in cold areas or get chilly easily, take a tip from Momo—you don't have to stop after layering once. On top of her lilac turtleneck, she's added a chunky knit sweater, a cozy flannel and a long puffer coat. Not only does she look *adorable,* but just one glance at her outfit makes you feel warm enough to beat the freezing weather.

Under a leather jacket


Leather jackets are one of those fashion items that can never fully go out of style. If you want to dress up your turtleneck for your upcoming date, try a longer length like Jodie's elegant trench paired with some ankle boots. For a casual day out with the squad, a biker-style jacket with lots of zippered pockets is perfect for spare change and backup hair ties. And if you're looking for extra warmth, leather outerwear lined with fleece will be a lifesaver.

Tucked into a skirt


There's no need to put away your fave summer skirts when the temperature drops—even wearing skirts in the winter is no problem when you can pull on sheer black tights over a pair of skin-toned, fleece-lined ones. Feel free to mix and match other summer clothes like Ashley's cute, gingham cami with autumnal pieces like her wool coat. 

With sweatpants


If you're the kind of person who likes to throw on whatever's comfiest and most convenient, we're happy to tell you that your turtleneck will still look fire paired with your go-to sweats. For some extra touches to your already-effortless outfit, roll up the bottoms of your joggers and crop your tops by tucking the hems into your bra.

Tucked into wide-legged pants


Sometimes less is more—on those treasured 65-degree days after shivering for weeks in the low-30s, the best feeling is wearing one layer and calling it a day. Even with as little as two clothing pieces, you can polish your turtleneck by adding a dainty necklace or picking a chic color like black (bring on the Audrey Hepburn vibes) but still keep your look fun and whimsical with laid-back 

One base color


Not at how #brownclothes on TikTok has over 60 million views. Your turtleneck can be the statement piece too, and with a sweater with the iconic Y2K heart pattern like Mivia's, it deserves to take center stage. Match your bottoms, shoes and accessories to one of the shades on your top (we recommend trying a neutral color like black or navy first!) for a cohesive yet playful outfit.

With colorful accessories


We said earlier that sometimes less is more, but at other times, more is most definitely more. Raise your hand if you're in love with Makhyli's hair clips, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, duffle and waist chain because we've got both hands and feet in the air rn. With a more vibrant turtleneck in orange or yellow, sometimes it's fun to run with the lively energy by stacking on as many colorful accessories as possible. When you walk into class on the bleakest winter days decked in color, prepare to be the reason why everyone feels just a little bit happier.

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Slider image: @best.dressed
Hero image: @jodiewoods


by Elizabeth Huang | 12/5/2021