It's time to give your closet the glow-up it deserves

OK, be honest: Does your closet look like it got hit by a tornado rn? (DW, we've all been there.) If your wardrobe is in need of a little TLC, you've come to the right place. Read on for our expert tricks and tips to give your closet a *major* glow-up this szn.  



The first step to creating a fresh new closet? Decluttering. Yep, it can be tricky to part with your beloved blouses and boots, but we promise that a clean slate will make the organization process *so* much easier. If you have clothes that don't fit anymore or that you don't wear often (our rule = anything you haven't worn within the past year), consider donating them to charity or selling them via online consignment (we heart Poshmark and Depop). Once you've tossed the items you no longer need, the real fun can begin. 

Color coordinate


Nothing is worse than sleeping through your alarm and only having a few minutes to pick out your fit for the day. That's where color coordination comes in: It can be a very useful technique when it comes to transforming your closet. Pinks in one place and beiges in another make picking out an outfit quick and simple—not to mention that it looks incredibly aesthetic. 

Make use of your space


Small closet? No problem. Making use of every inch of space is essential when crafting your ideal wardrobe. Use bins or containers to store clothes and accessories that don't fit in your main hanging space. Items such as hats, jeans and scarves can easily be stored in boxes above or below your hanging clothes (or under your bed if you don't have shelving). You can even add some cute labels to take your closet space to the next level.

Organize your accessories 


We all know the struggle of losing your fave necklace right before a big date night. Or what about when you want to wear the cute new hair accessory you got from Etsy, but it's lost in a giant pile at the bottom of your closet?

Getting a jewelry organizer is an easy and cute way to keep jewelry tangle-free and easy to find. When it comes to hair accessories, small bins or plastic drawers are a great way to keep everything in the same place. 

Use drawer space efficiently 


It's important to maximize your drawer space so you have room for all your clothes. Neatly folding your clothes (hello, Marie Kondo method...peep the tutorial below) will allow you to fit a lot more items. If you are more of a throw-and-go gal when it comes to putting clothes away, organizing your dresser ~actually~ makes life so much easier. 

Make it functional for Y-O-U

We would love for you to take our advice, but the most important part of a closet glow-up is organizing it in a way that works for you. With some time and experimentation, your closet will be looking immaculate. So get to it, girl...your dream closet awaits! 

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by Paige Mountain | 1/25/2022