The best Y2K-inspired pieces to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring

While temps may still feel sub-zero, spring is coming up on us. And of course, with spring comes fresh fashion. This year, get inspired by the '90s with some Y2K-inspired pieces. These wardrobe goodies will not only work for the rest of winter, but will bring a pop of color and style to your spring 'fits, a la Olivia Rodrigo

Tomgirl denim jacket

American Eagle, $70

While cold temps might prevent you from rocking a baby tee, solve that sitch by throwing on a cropped denim jacket that will keep you warm and stylish. 

Pink two-piece set

Pacsun, $27

If the weather starts to get warm, this coordinating pink set is literally the cutest thing to have in your closet. 

Bedazzled butterfly ring

ASOS, $15

Doesn't this ring just give off so much Olivia Rodrigo vibes? Also, butterflies are basically the unofficial mascot of the '90s. 

Patterned long-sleeve tee

Nasty Gal, $30

If the Y2K print is a bit much, layer this tee under a basic tee or denim jacket to help tone down the colors. Or jazz it up by matching the green in the top to a green hair accessory (headbands, anyone?).

Pleated denim mini

Pacsun, $40

This denim mini is the cutest thing to rock with some black tights and high-top converse. This wash of denim will look good with *anything*, from your fave sweater to a casual baby tee. 

Green mini-bag

ASOS, $33

The two best things about this bag are the color and the fact that when you look at it, you'll be instantly transported to spring break. 

Checkered straight-leg jeans

H&M, $35

If there was one print that *defined* the 90s, it was plaid. In 2022, we're leveling it up by putting it on jeans. 

White cutout top

H&M, $18

This white keyhole top is the next best brunch top. Thank us later. 

Oversized checkered sweater

Nasty Gal, $69

An oversized checkered sweater will upgrade *any* fit, while still keeping you warm and cozy. 

Fuzzy pink cardi

Target, $25

Throw on this pink cardi over a minidress for a Mean Girls-inspired outfit that's perfectly Y2K. 

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by Serena Sherwood | 2/17/2022