3 must-haves for your '70s aesthetic

The '70s are making an all-out comeback. From music to style, this decade-turned-aesthetic has totally taken over social media lately. We're here to help you find that vintage vibe *and* get you started on a whole new wardrobe.

1. Bell-bottom jeans


Forget skinny jeans and low-waisted pants! It's time to rock high-waisted, high-fashion pants with that iconic wide flare. These pants give you a whole new silhouette to play around with. (Pro tip: Pair 'em with a tighter top for maximum dimension.)

2. Platform shoes


Reach new heights with a pair of chunky platform shoes and strut your '70s stuff this summer. (Donna and the Dynamos vibes, anyone?)

3. Bandanas


Top off this nostalgic wardrobe with an intricately patterned bandana. The way you rock it is up to you! Some people cover their forehead, some cover their crown entirely and some position it to have that classic point in the back. This is one of the most customizable aspects of '70s fashion, so experiment with them and have fun.

At the end of the day, your spin on '70s fashion should be unique to you and help show your appreciation for this influential decade. So get out there, rediscover that vintage style and enjoy this '70s szn.

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by Lucia Kelemen | 8/9/2022