6 must-have travel pieces to complete any outfit

It's the day before you leave for that dreamy fall break getaway, and you desperately need to pack your bags—like, ASAP. You already have a few things in your suitcase, but you're not sure what to bring that'll look amaze on Insta *and* be comfortable to wear on all your adventures. Don't sweat it, because we're breaking down the six most versatile pieces for any vacay.

Casual sundresses

Princess Polly, $60

No matter where you're going, a cute dress is a must. When picking which dress is perfect to pack, check the tag for the material. Because it folds compactly into small spaces in your suitcase without wrinkling, polyester is your best bet. Another material to look for is spandex because it allows for some stretch. Dresses are the look for walks along the beach, nice dinners and any family photo ops.

Snappy shirts

Tilly's, $27

When you're on vacation, it's important to pack pieces that can be worn in different ways. For shirts (both long and short sleeve), choose ones that can be dressed up or dressed down. Need a comfy outfit for a sunrise hike? Dress the shirt with some hiking boots, blue jeans and a baseball cap. Looking for something fancier for a nice dinner reservation? Match the shirt with some black jeans, heels and gold jewelry.


PacSun, $17

From looking at museum exhibits to riding bikes across the city, a good pair of jeans can be part of so. many. looks. Like snappy shirts, they can be dressed up or down depending on the other pieces that you pair it with. Definitely bring a couple of pairs of different colored jeans on every trip that you go on.


Claire's, $12

Not only do sunglasses protect you from the sun's harmful rays—they also upgrade any outfit. You can never go wrong with cat-eye sunglasses. They're versatile and compliment any face shape. This classic accessory gives major Audrey Hepburn-in-Breakfast-at-Tiffany's vibes.


Forever 21, $10

Cardigans are a great travel essential because they're perfect for layering (especially when it's *freezing* on the plane ride there). When deciding which color cardigan to get, choose neutral colors, since they go with everything. Another tip is to check the fabric. A 100% cotton sweater will feel smooth against your skin and keep you cool during those hot summer days. 

Crossbody bag

Thread Wallets, $40

Crossbody bags are universally flattering, and their long straps make them perfect for adjusting to your body. This purse allows you to keep your hands free for sightseeing and snapping pictures. Overall, this bag is both lightweight and reliable!

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by Elizabeth Gregg and Nadia Payne | 10/12/2022