Here are our fave looks from the HSMTMTS premiere

What time is it? Summertime...but also time to take some fashion inspo from our fave Wildcats! Bc the fashion in season three so far? Absolutely immaculate. Here are the fiits we've been obsessing over ever since the HSMTMTS premiere.

Gina's floral top 


Gina serves *lewks* from the get-go. Her fits give off dreamy summer camp energy. And her adorable floral top? It's absolutely *everything*. 

Ashlyn's colorful combo 


Ashlyn's 'fit is the exciting pop of color we didn't know we so badly needed 'til now. We have heart eyes for her rainbow heart tee paired with funky pants...and, tbh, we're in love with the whole ensemble. After all, it's quirky and bright, just like Ashlyn.

Kourt's turquoise cheetah moment 


Kourtney's fit takes us back to the '90s—and we are *so* here for it. The denim skirt gives ~chic camper~ while her cheetah blouse elevates the look.

Maddox (aka Gadget)'s camo look 


Gadget's look brings *all* the casual summer camp energy we adore. A simple yet cozy camo? Edgy and flawless.

Carlos' jacket 


Carlos is the king*of fashion, and his tropical zip-up just proves our point. Paired with jeans, his 'fit is casual meets vacay. And we can't not mention his fluorescent green nails...they simply make the whole ensemble.

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Top image: @julialester 


by Eva Mandelbaum | 8/1/2022