5 fashion essentials to elevate your holiday outfits

Looking for the perfect holiday outfit inspo? We have everything you need for a holiday look that will be sure to turn heads. Here are some essentials to take your holiday outfits to the next level this year...

A cozy sweater

RSQ Womens Chenille Cable V Neck Sweater, $27.99

It is sweater weather after all and you'll find yourself longing for any means to stay warm. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for style, especially when you see just how diverse the variety of sweaters are. You can opt for a turtleneck and layer a nice dress over it or tuck it into a cute skirt. Or maybe you go for a cardigan that matches your ensemble and really completes your look. Whatever sweater it may be, it will take your holiday look to a whole other level. 

Lots of plaid

Right in Line Black and White Plaid Tie-Back Dress with Pockets, $51.20

A print that will forever be reminiscent of the holiday season has to be plaid. A plaid skirt or a plaid dress can really capture those holiday vibes you'll be needing for your winter wardrobe. Plaid can go with many different color combinations, whether it be green, red or black—and can add much-needed flair to your whole look. And if you want a more subtle hint of plaid, scrunchies can be a good way to spice up your fit without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Black tights

Beat of My Heart Black Nylon Tights, $18

For every look, no matter how bold or casual, black tights can really pull everything together. While it seems to be a simple accessory, tights can show your attention to detail and eye for style. These tights can also have intricate patterns on them (like mini hearts—so cute!). They can make every lewk  classy and can give you that poise to feel like the star of any holiday party. 

Doc Martens

1460 Women's Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots, $170

When planning the perfect holiday look, you can't forget your shoes. These boots carry a lot of versatility and won't clash with most of your outfits, allowing you to have more freedom to express yourself creatively without fear of mismatched accessories. More than that, they are that boost of confidence that will have you walking like the world is your runway. 

Gold jewelry

Coretta Layered Gold Necklace, $18

Grab your favorite gold necklace, earrings, bracelet, and rings and instantly elevate any fit. Sometimes a good outfit is all about how you accessorize. The winter season is a great time to bring out your best accessories and pay attention to all the little details that make your look pop. Maybe you like to layer your jewelry, or maybe you prefer to take the "less is more" route and don a light gold necklace with a cute charm.

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by Mina Rahmat | 12/7/2022