'90s teen movie heroines that are still giving us fashion inspo today

Since all your friends started sporting baggy jeans and baby tees, it's been feeling like ~everything~ was better in the '90s (the movies *and* the fits!). If you're hoping to come back stronger than a '90s trend in 2023, look no further than the closets of these leading ladies. 

To make sure you never have to worry about looking like a full-on Monet ("from far away it's OK, but up close it's a big ol' mess!"), we've put together a list of '90s teen movie heroines who always looked their best. Each of these characters is known for her own unique sense of style and can offer some tubular trends for you to steal.

Dionne from Clueless

We all know Cher Horowitz is an iconic example of onscreen '90s fashion, but we can't forget about her loving, loyal, and totally gorg BFF: Dionne Davenport. 

Dionne may be the main character's bestie, but her fashion is second to no one's. Her look is always preppy, polished and put-together. She can be seen rocking pleated skirts, sheer tights and headbands that perfectly compliment her outfit. 

How to get her look: Dionne's eye-catching hats may not be your everyday wear, but collared shirts and plaid are the way to go to emulate her style. Extra points for blazers and jewel tones. And most importantly: Throw on one more accessory before you leave the house.

Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You

If you're into a more rebellious, edgy look, Kat Stratford is your girl. Whether she's strumming a new guitar or reading poetry aloud in class (pass the tissues!), Kat sticks to her distinct, tomboy-inspired style. She opts for a slouchy silhouette, complete with bulky belts and oversized leather. She's got a thing for cargo, and we're pretty sure she owns at least two pairs of Docs

How to get her look: Clothing-wise, opt for darker colors and comfy fabrics. For hair, messy updos will help achieve that effortless, grunge-girl vibe. Just be careful to avoid any flirty games of paintball! 

Kim from Edward Scissorhands

It's no secret that Winona Ryder absolutely ruled the '90s. As the kind and quiet Kim Boggs, her style is similar to the soft girl aesthetic. Kim gravitates towards white, pastel yellow and light pink clothing. Jumpers, matching sets and ruffled skirts are right at home in her closet, and delicate jewelry helps finish off her sweet, girlie looks.

How to get her look: Dresses and rompers are a must if you wanna look like Kim. Pair with casual sneakers or slide-ons, plus a glowy, minimalist makeup look for maximum effect. 

Literally anyone from Spice World

Whether you're feeling posh or scary, this movie's got a nostalgic, unforgettable look for you to try out. All five members of the legendary British girlband (who each star as themselves in this flick) are dressed to impress at every moment. The bottom line: Go glam. The Spice Girls remind us that bright, sparkly style is timeless. From Baby's glitzy statement necklace to Ginger's jumpsuits to Sporty's printed pants, these rockers never shy away from spicing up their fashion.

How to get their look: Channel your inner pop star, and don't be afraid to take a risk. Slip dresses, chunky kitten heels or platforms, tie-dye, and playful hairstyles (think: space buns or bubble braids) are all on the table.

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by Madelon Basil | 1/29/2023