5 adorable matching fits for you and your pup

Winter can be a drag for dogs, especially if their coat is not suited to cold temps. If you and your pup have similar tastes in fashion, you should def deck yourselves out in some matching outfits! You'll be the talk of the dog park. 

Knit sweaters, $38

If you and your pup are looking for fits that match your peachy personalities, these sweaters from will totally fit the bill. These fits will be pawsome for a morning walk to see your dog's besties, an afternoon trip to the pet store or even an evening rewatch of Marley & Me. So cute!

Pajamas, $49

These pajama sets will complete the *pawfect* snow-day look. Imagine curling up with a fresh batch of cookies (dog biscuits for your furry friend, ofc) and settling in for a heartwarming rom-com. Totally fur-stastic, in our opinion. 

Tie-dye hoodies, $70

Who doesn't heart a tie-dye sweatshirt? And if you thought this adorable look couldn't get any cuter, just wait 'till it's worn by your pup. All eyes will be on you two during your next walk.

T-shirts, $32

Name something cuter than matching tees (we'll wait). Show the world that you and your pup are the best of friends in the form of these stylish shirts.

Rainbow striped crewnecks

Etsy, $25

Who said your pup can't be trendy too? Brightly colored crew necks are the perf fit for your next Insta photoshoot. Trust us, all of your followers will be absolutely obsessed with this bold 'n bright look.

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Top image: @mrsbudzyn


by Eva Mandelbaum and Julia Szymanski | 3/1/2023