Winter Wardrobe: Holiday Gems


GL's gone on a mission to sniff out the absolute must-haves for the season. Bringing you the latest fashions and most up-to-date trends, we'll have you struttin' in true diva-licious form. See below to scope out to die for fashions that ya just can't live without! Who's got ya girl?!

Have a zillion parties this holiday season, but just don't got the cha ching in the bank for a new dress? Jazz up an old one with a little bit of sparkly pizazz. The right accessories can transform any boring black dress to an eye-catching stunner.

karmajewels.jpg alltheragejewels.jpg ladorejewels.jpg
NYC Boutique at Karmaloop, $10. All The Rage, $18.90. Ladore Boutique, $36.

Crown Jewels
ring.jpg fredflare.jpg
Forever 21, $3.80. Pink Ice, $19.99. Fred Flare, $14.

Glass Slipper
wetseal.jpg jessicashoes.jpg sodashoes.jpg
Wet Seal, $14.99. Jessica Simpson at Ladore, $72. Soda at Pink Ice, $22.99.

Silvery Sweet
clutch.jpg bowclutch.jpg macyclutch.jpg
Forever 21, $14.80. Forever 21, $9.80. Steve Madden at Macys, $28.50.

BLOG ABOUT IT: A fellow fashionista? What's your favorite holiday accessory? Drop us a line. We wanna know!

11/25/2007 4:00:26 PM