Winter Wardrobe: Bundle Up


GL's gone on a mission to sniff out the absolute must-haves for the season. Bringing you the latest fashions and most up-to-date trends, we'll have you struttin' in true diva-licious form. See below to scope out to die for fashions that ya just can't live without! Who's got ya girl?!
Cold weather accessories are a necessity when truckin' through freezing temps and battlin' icy storms. But don't let old man winter get you down in the dumps! We've got über cutesy treats to keep Frumpy McFrumperson at bay. Check-check-check it out!
Matchy-Matchy: It's funky fun to play little miss mismatched, but sometimes a girl's just got to get in-sync. Warm yourself up with adorable sets to beat the winter blues! So darling, one definitely can't work without the other!
mmmulti.jpg mmmulti2.jpg
mmfred.jpg mmfred2.jpg
Fred Flare, $15-$24
Snow Bunny: I feel pretty, oh so pretty... Snuggle up, buttercup! With these dainty li'l treats all eyes will be on you this winter season. Swoosh your way over to a lucky feller--one look will be all it takes to melt his heart!

sb1.jpg sb2.jpgsb3.jpg

Sassy Stripes: Hey Chilly Willy! Stripey fun is shakin' down the chimney this holiday and ya just got to grab them while they are smokin' hot! They'll be no more ah-choos and sniffles with these rad rags!

ss1.jpgss2.jpg  ss3.jpg

American Eagle, $25; Gap, $25; Hollister, $20
Chunky Monkey: Bulky sweaters might leave you looking like a linebacker, but these giant knits are absolutely perfect-O for accessories! Add a lil bit of cozy with some furry pom-poms and presto, you've got yourself the cutest look EVER!

cm1.jpg cm2.jpg cm3.jpg

Fred Flare, $22; Anthropologie, $28; Gap, $29

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11/18/2007 12:00:00 PM