IT LIST: Save VS. Splurge on Back-To-School Style!



GL Has Put Together A Style Showdown of Back-To-School Trends. We'll Let YOU Know If You Should Break The Bank Or Keep Your Pennies In The Piggy Bank!


As a general rule of thumb anything super trendy should be bought very carefully! Make sure you save the bulk of your cash for clothes that are worthy of a longer shelf life. Check below for our Back-To-School Saver picks.

HOODIE MUST-HAVE: Hoodies, hoodies, and more hoodies! This little piece is an essential must in your wardrobe. We wear them all the time, so leave room in your pocket to nab loads more. With all the cash you save, you’ll definitely have enough left over to buy one for everyday of the week! ($29.50, Anchor Blue).


MINI MAVENS: Put one on over leggings, pair them with boots, a cute mini will vamp up any dull wardrobe. Who says you can’t go short for the fall? With so many fun colors and patterns to choose from, don’t overspend on just one and start makin’ some room in your closet. Grab this smokin’ number at a knock out price! ($14.99, Target).


PRETTY PLAID FLATS: Plaid is back with a vengeance. It’s all over all the hottest accessories and at such bargain prices can be all over your outfits too! Patterns like plaid have a tendency to come and go so don’t dig too deep to score these sweet slip-ons by Roxy. ($33.95, Nordstrom).


DENIM DAME: Jeans can get pretty pricey, but fret no more ladies, we’ve got the latest style at an affordable cost. Let’s face it, black trousers are a thing of the past. That’s why we found this chic silhouette in denim! ($34.50, Alloy).


JUMPER JOY: Be the first burst of color in the drab days of fall. Bright and vibrant colors like purple are all over the runways this season and a total necessity! Snag this darling jumper up at a super cheap price. ($29.50, Alloy).


Click below for the styles you should splurge on!


Always spend loads of cash on classic functionable pieces that will last and stay in style no matter what. Even if you have to drop a wad of dough on a single item, the following are definitely worth it.

CLASSIC KICKS: These boots are made for walkin’…you right back-to-school in style! Strut your stuff in these smokin’ hot kicks and be sure to sizzle. A great pair of boots is hard to find, and playing uncle Scrooge is not an option. ($69.99, Chinese Laundry).


IN-VEST IN-STYLE: A total must-have for the season, this comfy number will keep you warm and cozy for the next TWO seasons! You wanna splurge on this fab find because quality vests are made to last and keep you oh so toasty. Practical and adorable, need we say more? ($98, Urban Outfitters).


DRESS 2 IMPRESS: Wear it as a dress, wear it as a coat, this versatile piece will have you lookin’ chic and stylish whatever your mood. Might be a little costly, but if ya think of all the ways you can rock it, it’s a total steal! Snatch it up at or check out BB Dakota to find a retailer near you. ($98, BB Dakota).


TROUSER TROUP: Jeans are a girl’s best friend and this fall it’s all about the trouser leg. Dress it up with some heels or go casual with some sneaks. Either way you pair it, it’s a key item you wanna have in your wardrobe this fall. Dig a little deeper to nab this goody. When something fits this good, you definitely won’t mind shelling out the dough. ($58.00, Roxy).


TOP OFF YOUR OUTFIT: This adorable and preppy bag from Top It Off Accessories is an absolute must-have. It's flirty, functional and will go with pretty much anything you keep in your closet. You'll be happy you splurged your extra allowance on this super cute BTS bag. ($49.99, Top It Off Accessories).


TELL US! What is your fave fall BTS accessory or piece of clothing? Got a rockin' pair of kicks you can't live without? How about a favorite store that has all your style essentials? Share the love and clue us in now!



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