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The Giver hits theaters on August 15...and we've got your sneak peek (plus prizes!) right here

Based on Lois Lowry’s award-winning, iconic novel of the same name, The Giver is sure to be the summer’s biggest blockbuster.

Read on for a plot preview, scroll the slideshow to meet the cast and write your own review in the comments to score sweet Giver swag!

A perfect world…
Imagine a society that has eliminated all war, pain, fear and hatred—this is the futuristic world Jonas calls home. But is it too good to be true? When Jonas is honored with the role of Receiver of Memory, he spends time with The Giver to prepare—and begins to discover the dark and deadly truths about this seemingly perfect place.

Upping the stakes...
His newfound knowledge becomes a burden of secrets. No longer content with his community, Jonas begins to see it for what it truly is: colorless and empty. Stakes are raised when it becomes a matter of life or death—not only for Jonas but those he loves as well.

He’s determined to use the memories to escape—but the task is far greater than Jonas ever imagined. No one before him has ever succeeded, but he’s willing to risk it all, even his own life. Can Jonas escape his warped world and bring its people back to life?

Get The Giver...
Want to score swag inspired by The Giver, including an official film poster? Just check out the flick in theaters on August 15, then write your review in the comments. We’ll announce one winner on September 15.

Follow the action…
Scroll through the slideshow below to meet the key characters—plus learn fun facts about the all-star actors who portray them. Then, check out their performances in theaters on August 15!

  • ss-giver_thwaites_final.jpg

    Character clue:
    The super smart Jonas totally stands out in a world of sameness. The elders notice this about Jonas and assign him to the role of The Receiver of Memories—the most important and prestigious in the community. 

    Meet the actor:
    Brenton Thwaites is from the sunshine coast of Australia. Swooning over that cute accent!

  • ss-giver_rush_final.jpg

    Character clue:
    There’s more to this gal than meets the eye. She rocks rad red hair (even though it goes unnoticed in their colorless community) and those fiery locks match her drive to help and nurture others.

    Meet the actor:
    Odeya Rush made a major move when she was only nine—from Israel to the United States. Now she’s getting major kudos for her acting chops. Costar Taylor Swift recently tweeted this about her: “I’ll bet that when you see The Giver, you’ll come away haunted by several things. One of those things will be Odeya Rush. @OdeyaRush1.”
  • ss-giver_bridges_final.jpg

    The Giver

    Character clue:

    The Giver holds all the secrets and memories of the past. And through his guidance and friendship, Jonas is able to see beyond his world. 

    Meet the actor:
    The mega-talented Jeff Bridges has earned six Academy Award nominations for his roles and has released a self-titled record to boot. Jeff takes tons of behind-the-scenes snaps on each of his projects then turns them into a book for everyone involved. Fun!

  • ss-giver_swift_final.jpg

    Character clue:
    As the Receiver of Memories ten years before Jonas, Rosemary’s part in the film is small but poignant. Kind and caring, holding on to all the community’s sadness and pain wore heavily on this sweetheart.

    Meet the actor:
    Taylor Swift was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine—and she’s only 23. This superstar is currently gracing the cover of GL’s August/September 2014 issue (that’s the third time she’s been on the front of your fave mag).
  • ss-giver_monahan_final.jpg

    Character clue:
    Jonas’ peppy pal is always speaking a mile a minute and mixing up words. Although his abundance of energy can bother Jonas, he can’t imagine life without him by his side.   

    Meet the actor:
    Cutie Cameron Monaghan doesn’t have a real accent off his own, like Brenton—but he’s a total pro at mimicking them.
  • ss-giver_streep_final.jpg

    Chief Elder

    Character clue:

    Chief Elder is like the mother of all mothers. She oversees the community and gives assignments to the young Citizens, including the assignment of The Receiver of Memories to Jonas.

    Meet the actor:
    The legendary Meryl Streep is a Jersey girl who started her acting career under the bright lights of Broadway. In 2011 she earned her record-breaking 17th Academy Award nomination—whoa.  

by GL | 2/1/2016
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