Top 10 Tips For A Slammin’ Profile!

1. Keep your answers short 'n' sweet.
Save that 1,000-word essay on the merits of strawberry vs. raspberry LipSmackers for your first book.

2. No inside jokes, please. Your BFF may have called you Miss Stinky Fish Face ever since you breathed tuna salad on her in third grade but, kinda like farting, it doesn’t play as well in public, ya know?

3. Make sure to leave your personal info out at all times. While we do have private data that only YOU and WE can see, we WILL delete a profile with personal data in public. Safety first at all times, chica.

4. Be yourself! We love ya just the way you are. So will everyone else.

5. Check back to keep your profile updated. We know you’re always changing…and so are we!

6. Pick the most unique icon you can find. You’re unique. Your icon should be, too.

7. Use humor. Bring on the funny!

8. Nix the negativity. Your profile is a place to share, not to bash. And do you really want to be known as the Lauren Conrad of the GL Hills?

9. The best profile is a full one, so answer all the questions. Inquiring minds want to know….

10. Most importantly, have fun! Need we say more?