SPOTLIGHT: Interview With Amanda Bynes!


We are SO excited to bring to you exclusive interviews with the cast of the up-and-coming film Hairspray! The lovely Kelly White got the opportunity to talk one-on-one with some of our favorite stars from the movie. Read below to get the 411 on the ever-adorable Amanda Bynes!

Kelly: Can you tell me how you were able to put your comedic skills to use in this movie?

Amanda Bynes: My character is very awkward and she’s kind of a goofy girl so I made a lot of faces. It was one of the things where my character is supposed to develop into a more confident woman. So in the beginning of the movie, I look very confused and I’m kind of odd. And then in the end, I sort become a woman and become a little bit more comfortable but I’m still like a nervous wreck. That’s just the character.

amandabynes1.gifKelly: Did you make any new friends on set?

Amanda: Yes, I made a lot of friends and – doing all the Hairspray press has been fun because, you know, you get to see everybody again and it’s like a reunion.

Kelly: Would you say that you have a best friend on set?

Amanda: Nikki Blonsky and I were definitely best friends on set. We hung out all the time, we talked about our problems to each other, and we were really there for each other. So we really bonded. I’d go to her trailer and we would listen to Justin Timberlake and then we would literally just talk and then we’d watch Hitch. We watched Hitch all the time and we would just sit and kind of just be girls together and laugh and have fun.

Kelly: What were your trailers like inside?

Amanda: Trailers were basically like a home away from home. You know, we had our computers and then we’d have magazines and music and try to put like flowers and like candles and all like all sorts of stuff to kind of keep it kind of homey.

Kelly: Do you have any hidden talents?

Amanda: Hidden talents? I really like to draw and design and I’m actually designing a line of clothes for a company called Steve and Barry’s. Sarah Jessica Parker’s doing the designs for the like 30 up and I’m doing from 30 down.

Kelly: Oh that’s so cool.

Amanda: It's for the next few years, I’ll be designing for them so I’m coming up in the next couple months, you’ll be seeing – it’s not out yet but I’ll be having a couple press conferences for it and stuff. And it’s just jewelry and clothes designed by me and stuff that I like to wear. And so I incorporated some of my like drawing and my dog is on a shirt and so I’m really excited about that.


Kelly: Now have you had any design background?

Amanda: Yeah, I’ve drawn my whole life. I’ve actually designed a shirt I wore to a What a Girl Wants event at Planet Hollywood a long time ago, whenever that came out and I designed the shirt and I completely drew it and then I took it to a seamstress, I bought the silk fabric at a fabric store and then they had a seamstress cut it and make and so I wore that and so I’ve kinda had that dream.

Kelly: How are you most like your character in Hairspray, Penny and how are you most not like Penny?

Amanda: I’m most like Penny in that I’m goofy and I like to have fun and dance and I’m not like Penny because I’m not as nervous. I’m pretty confident and I go for things and even if I shouldn’t. I kinda have more confidence than I should.

STAY TUNED: All of this week and part of next we will have interviews from 6 castmates from the upcoming smash hit Hairspray, releasing THIS Friday, July 20th! Don't forget to hit up your local theatre and get retro with this dance and song filled flick!

7/18/2007 10:48:00 AM
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